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How to Get Rid of Mice

Wednesday, 13. January 2010 15:10

Oh so cute


There are three common mice in the United States, which are the House Mice and the Deer Mice and the White Footed mice.

House mice are small and slender. They are about 2-3.5′ long in length from the nose to the end of its tail. The snout is pointy and the ears are big with a little hair, the eyes are small and the tail is dark. House mice fur is usually light brown, light gray, and smooth. Their feces are small rod shaped droppings. They eat cereal grains, seeds, meats, peanut butter, and sweet material. House mice will nibble at food and will eat only small quantities; however they will eat 20-30 times a night. They can also survive for a period of time without water. House mice are nocturnal creatures but they can still be active during the day and quiet times. More on How to Get Rid of Mice

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