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Ozone and the Effectiveness of Killing Bed Bugs

Monday, 12. December 2011 10:34

Recently, news about the effectiveness of using Ozone to eliminate bed bugs began to spread like wild fire in the pest control business. So what we did at the University was that we launched a major research about the effects of bed bugs. We first examined these pests called common bed bugs and at the same time we also examined the products used to control and eliminate them. Because of the fame of ozone, we focused our attention on it. Our findings are in the following lines:

That yes, ozone is definitely capable of killing bed bugs. The catch is that until this day, we still do not know the extent of its effectiveness in eradicating bed bugs totally. KEEP READING

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Mixing Chemicals For Bed Bug Control

Friday, 9. December 2011 11:16

Question: In our quest for the most effective means of killing bed bugs, we have decided to do a mixture of insecticides like FenvaStar EcoCap, ExciteR and IGR. May we have your opinion on this? Are we doing the right thing? Or are we just wasting our energy in this endeavor?


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All Options for Treating Bed Bugs

Wednesday, 2. November 2011 9:53

Let me start by saying that there are many kinds of bugs. It seems like in recent times, the most common, though is the Bed Bug. Aside from its name, the common bed bug is considered is the most common because they are present in our homes and certain other establishments which have crevices, corners and voids. They are what we call as domesticated bugs. Despite their being common, they are certainly the hardest to eradicate. This has something to do with their ability to hide and camouflage with their surroundings.

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