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What You Shouldn’t Do with Bed Bugs

Tuesday, 22. November 2011 11:16

bed bug control, what not to do

To understand the infestation – BEFORE the treatment process

Many people will insist they have an infestation of bed bugs just by looking at new bite marks on their bodies. You should not assume that just any bite like mark on your body means that your home is infested with bed bugs. A physical sighting or sample of the adult bed bug or egg should be seen or caught to make sure that you have bed bugs. If you are unable or unknowledgeable to do your own inspection for bed bugs, professional pest management should be called to do a thorough inspection of your home. Bed bugs are known to be tiny specimens that can hide virtually anywhere, therefore, it will be very hard to see them on your own unless you know where you are looking.

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Pest Info – Ant

Friday, 11. February 2011 11:42


There are over 10,000 species of ants worldwide and exists on every continent except for Antarctica. They fall into the same biological order as wasps and bees, which is the order Hymenoptera. Each colony of any given ant species can have up to 20 million individual ants where queens reproduce and workers forage for food.

Ants are best known for their slender builds that are separated into three node structures, their fast legs and also their elbowed antennae. Most species of ants will range in color from brown to black with the exceptional bright clay red color for fire ants. Some species are larger than others but the size of ants will range from .75mm to 52mm which is about .03 in to 2 in. Keep Reading about General Ant Information

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What About Bed Bugs in Hotels?

Monday, 17. January 2011 18:11

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Bed Bugs in Hotels

There have been many shocking discoveries within the recent years that target bed bugs in hotels. Many of the guests to hotels ranging from upscale to low-priced hotels have filed lawsuits for waking up with several bed bug bites on their bodies. The Bed Bug Registry online helps guests of hotels or new apartment renters to find out whether there is an infestation of bed bugs or not.

Bed bugs can travel with you—on your suitcase, clothing, boxes, just about anything. This makes hotels and apartments, where tenants are always in and out, an easy target for bed bug infestations. Keep Reading

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Bed Bugs Health Risk / Treatment

Monday, 17. January 2011 5:39

Bed Bug Control, Health Risk, Treatments

Bed bug bites- Health Risks:


When the resurgent epidemic of bed bugs around the whole world, researchers have discovered that health risks can be involved with bed bug bites.

Reactions to bed bug bites can be different depending upon the individual’s skin type and environment. Usually the bites consist of flat welts or elevated red bumps that itch terribly. Keep Reading

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Bed Bugs Diet / Symptoms

Thursday, 6. January 2011 16:13

Bed Bug Diet and Symptom

Bed Bug Diet/Bites:

Bed bugs are most active during dawn. They are attracted by warmth and to the presence of carbon dioxide.  Much of their feeding occurs before sunrise. However there have also been observed to feed throughout the day at any time when given the opportunity, which generally occurs during heavier infestations.

Bed bug bites look very similar to that of mosquito bites. Sometimes their bites can be distinguished by its unique biting patterns which are in rows or clusters. Many refer to it as their ‘breakfast, lunch, and dinner’.

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