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Roaches in rentals, any suggestions?

Tuesday, 26. April 2011 11:11

Question   : Roaches in rentals, any suggestions?

Answer : We carry many professional pest control products for roaches. For German roaches I would recommend that you use a type of roach gel because they usually nest indoors within the wall void area. However for larger roaches such as American roaches or Brown Banded roaches, you should use a liquid concentrated insecticide for a thorough outdoor treatment.

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Thursday, 7. January 2010 16:43

Roach, Pest-Info, How to Get Rid ofNeed to know how to get rid of cockroaches in the home or business? Pest Mall offers you effective ways to get rid of roaches.

Because they reproduce rapidly and can enter your home in mass numbers, roaches can be difficult to control. Once inside, they can destroy books, photographs, electric appliances, and furniture by leaving their unsightly droppings causing a foul odor. These insects are known to spread bacteria, carry parasitic worms, and other diseases. As they forage for food, they can deposit germs and bacteria on counter tops, dishes, and in food, which can cause food poisoning, dysentery, or diarrhea. Some people are allergic to roaches and medical studies have shown that cockroaches are responsible for childhood asthma. Keep Reading

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