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Insecticide Sprays to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Friday, 20. June 2014 7:52

Bed bugs are notorious creatures; getting rid of them can be a pain in case the infestation is severe. Yet there are a wide number of professional grade insecticide sprays that can restore a goodnight’s sleep for the owner of a bed bug infested home. Now wonder sprays for bed bugs are the most popular control measures. […]

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5 Best Bed Bug Sprays to Use

Tuesday, 6. May 2014 7:26

Bed Bugs Spray

Bed Bugs Spray

Bed bugs are notorious creatures that cause nuisance all through the year. They easily get transferred through soft furnishings and love to dwell in the seams and folds of mattresses, cushions, bed covers, sheets, pillow cases, cushions and bolsters. In order to get rid of them, either one can call up a professional pest control agency or ‘exterminator’, or they can make use of the following 5 highly effective bed bug sprays. […]

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Looking to fight back the spiders and bed bugs in your house? Pestmall.com has the answer to all your problems. What are you waiting for?

Friday, 24. January 2014 17:10

Worried about the growing spider problem at home and looking for some easy to use spider killers? Well look no further. The spider Control Kit comes with a Delta Dust insecticide with a contact kill method to control pests which can be spread using the bellow bulb duster to get an even spread of dust. It also has the CY-kick Aerosol which being a residual insecticide would kill pests instantly. And all this while the Trapper Monitor and Insect glue Trap captures and monitors spiders. Other spider killers available in store are the Web-Out Cobweb Eliminator and the Nisus Fireback Spider and Scorpion Jet Spray. […]

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