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Don’t Let the Kudzu Bugs In!

Monday, 14. November 2011 11:00

So many names and but so little information! Globular stink bugs, brown lady bugs, lablab bugs, and most commonly known as kudzu bugs, these insects have take over the southeast region of the United States. Because they are fairly new and just heavily concentrated in just one area of the United States, it seems that there is not much information or common knowledge about this bug. People find them clinging to their clothes, crawling inside their cars and houses, on the outside of buildings and vehicles and etc. Now that they are more prominent and obviously becoming much more of a nuisance than they originally were, many people are seeking methods to get rid of them in the most effective way possible. The most important thing about Kudzu Bug control, though, will be to practice such pest control methods like exclusion by mechanical control and prevention by chemical control. KEEP READING

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Kudzu Bug: The Brown Lady Bug

Friday, 21. October 2011 9:36

Recently, we’ve been noticing that there has been a huge outbreak or swarming of relatives to the common stink bug. These bugs don’t look similar to the common Brown Marmorated Stink Bug that many homeowners find, but just like their relatives, they do give off an odor and they also have tendencies of swarming in mass numbers. Concentrated in the southeast region, Kudzu Bugs or commonly known as Brown Lady Bugs, have begun to look for a place to find shelter for the winter which means it is time to protect your homes!

Kudzu Bugs in America

Just like their relatives, the Brown Mamorated Stink Bugs, Keep Reading about Kudzu Bugs

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Stink Bugs 2011

Friday, 2. September 2011 17:52

Stink bugs, also known as shield bugs, have been a nuisance for several years now. Recently, however, they have become more significant pests in the agricultural industry and massive infestations have taken over the mid-Atlantic region in the United States. Although they continue to make their ways into houses, businesses, schools, and more, they are also taking over orchards, gardens, and  agricultural fields. They are able to attack over 300 fruits and vegetables and without a natural predator to naturally control their populations, there is a stronger urgency to make more conscious efforts in controlling stink bugs.

Significance of Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are not native to the United States. It is said that they were brought from Asia by freight. Since there are no known natural predators of stink bugs in the United States, they have been left alone to continue to breed and reproduce at outrageous rates.

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I have these little babies, eggs, and adult stink bugs…

Thursday, 21. April 2011 10:56

Question: I  have these little babies, eggs, and adult stink bugs… i want to keep the little buggers from hatching inside my window frame, i want them to not be born, i want to get rid of them all once and for all!!.. i have a dog ,cat, child, and in bed for 6 to 8 weeks, recovering from surgery wife…. tell me what is safe to use around people and pets… no bug bomb foggers..!!! thank you


Answer : FenvaStar EcoCap is one is one of the most popular products we carry for the control of stink bugs. FenvaStar EcoCap carries a delay kill effect and releases its chemicals slowly from its capsulated form for a long term treatment. It will kill the nymphs, eggs, and adults. I would recommend that you spray it thoroughly along your window and door frames and where ever else you may be seeing them. Once the pesticide is dried it is safe to be around small children and pets. It is also recommended that you spray in areas with ventilation.

Stink Bug Control KitStink Bug Control Kit

FenvaStar EcoCapFenvaStar EcoCap

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Stink Bugs

Saturday, 20. February 2010 16:18

Stink BugsStink Bugs


Stink Bugs are agricultural pests widely spread all over the world. Naturally they are found in orchards, gardens, and farms. Stink bugs will start to invade homes during the fall when temperatures begin to drop. Being highly attracted to light, stink bugs can be easily found near windows or other sources of light. They are found to be most active during the seasons of spring and fall.

stink bug

stink bug backIdentification:

Stink bugs are about ¾ inches long and range in many different colors, with the most common colors being brown or green.  Stink bugs can be easily identified by their triangular or shield-like shaped thorax. These bugs also have piercing mouth parts to suck juice from plants and sometimes other insects, such as caterpillars.

More on Stink Bugs

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