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I have these little babies, eggs, and adult stink bugs…

Thursday, 21. April 2011 10:56

Question: I  have these little babies, eggs, and adult stink bugs… i want to keep the little buggers from hatching inside my window frame, i want them to not be born, i want to get rid of them all once and for all!!.. i have a dog ,cat, child, and in bed for 6 to 8 weeks, recovering from surgery wife…. tell me what is safe to use around people and pets… no bug bomb foggers..!!! thank you


Answer : FenvaStar EcoCap is one is one of the most popular products we carry for the control of stink bugs. FenvaStar EcoCap carries a delay kill effect and releases its chemicals slowly from its capsulated form for a long term treatment. It will kill the nymphs, eggs, and adults. I would recommend that you spray it thoroughly along your window and door frames and where ever else you may be seeing them. Once the pesticide is dried it is safe to be around small children and pets. It is also recommended that you spray in areas with ventilation.

Stink Bug Control KitStink Bug Control Kit

FenvaStar EcoCapFenvaStar EcoCap

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