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All You Need to Know About Tempo SC Ultra

Monday, 19. May 2014 5:23

Tempo SC Ultra is a pest control concentrate for veterinary use. It is basically used to kill crawling, flying as well as wood-infesting insects. SO this chemical can be used for domestic pest control as well as apply professionally to control pest infestations for barn protection, horse stable infestation control and also on other animal quarters. Ultimately it secures the area from invading pests. It needs to be mixed and sprayed thoroughly so that the pests are effectively controlled. Just 2 gallons of this spray can be used over 2000 sq. ft.

The active ingredient in this insecticide is Beta-cyfluthrin. So it is advisable to read the label properly before use and follow all instructions properly during use. The active ingredient can be harmful if it is swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin directly by humans and animals. It might even cause moderate eye irritation; so contact with eyes, skin and clothing while sprays must be avoided. This insecticide can kills over 60 pests (just as termidor sc) such as flies, ants and spiders. For veterinary use, it can be applied over the following animals like talstar pro:

    Beef Cattle
    Poultry (Chicken and turkeys)
    Dairy Cattle

This insecticide is thus intended for use as a general surface, spot or crack treatment spray in and around buildings or immediate surroundings. The permitted areas of use are always mentioned on the label like any other insecticide such as tenacity herbicide and it is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner against that mentioned on the label.

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