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Can You Make an All-Natural DIY Termite Spray?

Wednesday, 12. February 2014 4:39

Termites ControlThere are several organic pest control preparations that are as effective against termites as any other chemicals or pesticides. Since of all the termites, only subterranean termites cause a major part of the wood infestations all over the world, terminating them from a home is not that difficult. Some natural termite treatment methods are as follows: […]

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How can i check termite at my home?

Thursday, 21. April 2011 17:23

Question : How can i check termite at my home?

Answer : The easiest way to spot an active termite infestation is by the presence of mud tubes. You can also check for termites by inspecting areas with previous or present water damages, areas near the water boiler or air conditioning, window and door frames. You can also take the procedure that most pest control companies take by quarterly monitoring the termite activity by installing monitoring station around the perimeter of your home.



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