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Cyper WP Insecticide - 1 Lb. (NOT FOR SALE IN AK, CT, MI, NY,MA,RI,SC,VT)
5 of 5 Stars!
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Review : Cyper WP Insecticide - 1 Lb. (NOT FOR SALE IN AK, CT, MI, NY,MA,RI,SC,VT)

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5 of 5 Stars!July 27, 2011
By Jeannie S.
~Lightning Fast Shipping!~Awesome Seller!~Will Be Back~Thanks!~
5 of 5 Stars!Awesome! August 14, 2014
By Jeff (Fort Collins, CO)
We're grateful for Cyper. It's the only thing to kill all those spiders dead in their tracks. Pestmall is incredible with their fast shipping and always accurate order filing.
5 of 5 Stars!Works greatJuly 08, 2013
By Jason
Used it as a barrier treatment and for an enormous spider population in my lawn. I could see the spiders moving instantly as I sprayed the grass. Sprayed a black widow directly and found it dead in its web 5-10 minutes later. The dead bugs around my garage and patio are proof enough for me. And MUCH cheaper in the long run than anything I've ever found before.
4 of 5 Stars!Cyper WPMay 23, 2013
By Sean (East TX)
This is a very effective product for your general bug slaying needs as well as being an excellent barrier. You get the same product as Demon (Cypermetherin 40%) at a fraction of the price. I have used to kill active as well as a preventative barrier with 100% success against fire ants, termites, chinch bugs and spiders.
5 of 5 Stars!March 30, 2010
By johnny ko
This CYPER WP product is really good! 5 stars!
5 of 5 Stars!September 21, 2009
By R Michele
The Cyper wp was an excellent price and I was impressed with the free shipping. The package also arrived very quickly - all in all and extremely positive experience with Pest Mall. I will definitely recommend them!
5 of 5 Stars!Great service and great productJune 27, 2012
By Christine (Duncan, OK)
Received this product very quickly, and this insecticide has worked great. We live in the country and have been seeing many more wolf and black widow spiders than in years past. No other product worked, but this one has done an excellent job. It has been several weeks since we applied it, and I continue to see the bugs and spiders dropping. It's great!
5 of 5 Stars!January 09, 2011
By Edward Jillett III
Received and product worked better than expected. I should of purchased this stuff long time ago
5 of 5 Stars!Cyper WP InscticideFebruary 08, 2012
By kim O.
Really like this product! ,price is right fast and free shipping the service was exceptional we will continue to shop at PESTMALL.........
5 of 5 Stars!PestMall Rocks!!!January 12, 2012
By RM (KS)
Really fast shipping, and this cypermethrin insecticide product rocks!
5 of 5 Stars!October 18, 2011
By Abby
People tell me that I have the most bug-free house in Jacksonville. They always beg for my secret to keep my house's interior and exterior so clean and bug free! It's all to the credit of CYPER WP and some sweeping. I absolutely love the work that CYPER WP. It doesn't stink, and there are no stains left from using it. CYPER WP's just a perfect product!
5 of 5 Stars!cypermethrin insecticideJuly 17, 2010
By Dereck M
One of the reasons I chose the Cyper WP insecticide is that it has such a long residual effect. When it comes to crack and crevice treatment, it’s a real pain to constantly reapply products every few weeks. This is a really great product.
5 of 5 Stars!December 30, 2009
By Allison Rays
Mosquitoes are just crowding my area in which I live in. CYPER WP keeps those flying bugs away from my home. I'm very great-full that Pest Mall offered me free shipping that was very quick too! I haven't gotten bit yet and usually by now, I would have gotten twenty or more bites.
5 of 5 Stars!February 21, 2009
By Jeffrey M. & Kimberly S. Scherer
Incredibly fast shipping, Cyper WP is an awesome alternative to Demon WP...I'll buy more of this for sure and it will be from the Pest Mall.
5 of 5 Stars!Great ProductAugust 01, 2012
By Beau
I own a pest control company and this is what I use most. Its safe, works great and its cheap. Same as Demon WP just less money.
5 of 5 Stars!June 04, 2011
By Marie Sanders
I highly recommend this spider pest control products.
5 of 5 Stars!February 18, 2011
By Trey G
I have to treat my property for different pests fairly regularly. I’m pretty busy most of the time so applying my pest control products was often a big chore. I decided to get something that was proven to offer effective residual treatment. This Cyper WP insecticide gives me residual effects up to three months long which saves me a lot of time and aggravation.
1 of 5 Stars!Awesome KillerAugust 11, 2014
By Shannon (Emory, Texas)
I have been buying this stuff for a few years now by the case. I have several acres and the grasshoppers are there by the millions. I have learned to spray when they are small and it takes about 99% of the population out in about 20 minutes. Then once more when I see the big yellow ones trying to eat my flowers. after that application it usually does the trick. if it does not rain it lasts for several weeks. When grasshoppers fly in from other fields it kills them also when they land on the grass that has already been sprayed. I also have lots of buildings that spiders seem to love and scorpions love my rock landscaping around my pool. Im telling you.... This stuff kills all of the unwanted pests at your house in just a few minutes. I mix 1 jar to 50 to 60 gallons and have a high pressure sprayer. Just a little 1 or 2 gallon one will work also but once I bought the 100 gallon sprayer I can really reach out further and wet the place down. You wont go wrong buying this stuff for sure.. My local feed store sells it for about $48.00 a jar. I don't think you will find it anywhere else on the internet for what pestmall has it for. I've looked
4 of 5 Stars!Great ProductJuly 25, 2012
By Beau Williams
I had alot of spiders on my porch. I srayed them with Cyper WP and we were sweeping dead one up for 2 weeks. It is safe and gets the job done. Plus Pestmall always ships fast and has the lowest prices. I am a busniess owner and long term customer. Thanks Pestmall!!!
5 of 5 Stars!February 27, 2011
By Melissa J
I don’t know why but my yard seems to be home to a great number of different spiders. Out of all the possible bugs in my yard, I simply can’t handle spiders. I wanted an effective treatment option that would also last more than a week or two. The Cyper WP Insecticide was easy to mix and spray and I haven’t had to reapply save for a few times a year. If you hate spiders as much as I do then you need this stuff.
5 of 5 Stars!cypermethrin pesticideNovember 25, 2010
By Wilson G.
I appreciate the suggestion of the CYPER WP product. CYPER WP's a very good product to kill ants in minuscule hard to reach areas. I have gotten rid of all the ants and I do not see them appearing in my home anymore!
4 of 5 Stars!January 27, 2012
By Paul S.
I am a furniture store owner. There has been a termite infestation at my store causing hundreds of dollars of worth of damage. I wanted to buy a product which I could use as a barrier against pests and use to kill the pests but it wouldn’t damage my furniture’s. Then I found that Cyper WP Insecticide fulfilled my requirement. It killed all the termites and thanks to Cyper WP I have been saved from having any further losses.
5 of 5 Stars!September 30, 2009
By Russell C.
Great Service and product! Exterminiated all of those nuisence Stink Bugs!
5 of 5 Stars!January 09, 2010
By Melissa H
Great Customer Service no hassles and answered questions right away. Thank You
5 of 5 Stars!Cyper WPMarch 28, 2013
By Ron H. (Melbourne, FL)
Fast, accurate, priced right! Have used this product before. It is cost effective and kills ants in a few minutes. Will continue to buy here.
4 of 5 Stars!Buy Cyper WPMay 08, 2012
By kenneth S.
Cypermethrine WP insecticide is very effective and it comes in powder form. So, it can be used with ease. It can be diluted in water if anyone needs to spray it. Either way, this product is effective and efficient.
5 of 5 Stars!November 23, 2009
By Donald R
Cyper wp received in good condition, I began using it immediately and had excellent results against a stink bug infestation.
5 of 5 Stars!May 17, 2011
By Stacey Hairston
Cyper wp product works great. Used it to kill stink bugs. It does take about 5-6 hours to start seeing the bugs begin to wobble and fall over. The bugs came back but the new ones always die shortly after coming around. Do wish it didnt take a week to get the product, though.
5 of 5 Stars!April 05, 2010
By Allie Powers
Cyper wp exceeded my expectation. I had box elder bugs all around my lawn and I didnt want to spend $250 on local pest control company for a treatment. I searched around the web and found pestmall. I called the company and talked to CS rep and she was very helpful. I purchased a cyper wp as she recommended and I received it in 2 days! what a fast shipping! I followed the instruction carefully and mixed one scoop with a gallon of water in a sprayer. Two days later, I found hundreds of dead bugs on my driveway! Great stuff and thank you pestmall for a very fast shipping!
5 of 5 Stars!Great product, great priceJune 23, 2012
By Warner W.
Bought this to deal with a spider infestation. First application had them reeling, the second has them gone! Occasional maintenance sprays keeps them away. Worked on ants as well. Great stuff, just don't expect immediate (i.e. instantaneous) results.
5 of 5 Stars!December 31, 2010
By Jeff S.
"Incredibly fast shipping, Cyper WP is an awesome alternative to Demon WP...I'll buy more of this for sure and it will be from the Pest Mall."
5 of 5 Stars!September 25, 2010By Douglas Weeks
5 of 5 Stars!September 19, 2010By Alexandra Helms

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Great prices, I wasn't unable to contact costumer service for questions, but I recive what I expect, I think they got a new loyal costumer , price shipment , only I did a mistake, I didn't know 2-3 days free shipment after place order, and I couldn't change.

- Chandra Gunkel -
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