Heritage G Fungicide - 30 lbs. bag
Heritage G Fungicide - 30 lbs. bag

Heritage G Fungicide - 30 lbs. bag

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Heritage G Fungicide - 30 lbs. bag
1 bag (30lbs.)

Lighter-weight granules spread over a wider area than traditional granules. Available in 30-pound bags. Will typically disperse with a heavy dew or light watering (approximately 2-3 sprinkler revolutions) Highly soluble carrier allows for the efficacy of a sprayable formulation Engineered particle minimizes dust formation Broad-spectrum control up to 28 days

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Heritage G Fungicide Heritage G Fungicide Product Label

Heritage G Fungicide Heritage G Fungicide Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Heritage G Fungicide - 30 lbs.

Target Pest(s): Turf Diseases ( Brown patch, Fairy ring, Fusarium patch, Gray leaf spot, Pink snow mold, Summer Patch, Etc. )
Manufactured By: Syngenta
Active Ingredient: Azoxystrobin - 0.31%
Size: 30 lbs.
Yield/Application: 2 to 4 lbs per 1000 sq.ft.

Heritage G is a granular fungicide for use on turf and provides the same long-lasting broad-spectrum control of turfgrass diseases (including brown patch, anthracnose, and take-all patch) as the wettable granule and liquid Heritage formulations do. Heritage G is perfect for operations that want to provide top-notch disease control without the attributes of a liquid fungicide or when weather conditions prevent spraying. By using a highly water-soluble carrier, Heritage G is able to provide the effectiveness of a sprayable with the convenience of a granular.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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