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Lawn Pest Control Products

Many homeowners face the battle against lawn problems and having to keep up with landscape maintenance. Also, many people do not understand that lawn care and pest control may go hand in hand with each other. Without the proper knowledge, it is not possible to take care of your lawn correctly. The main problems that homeowners will face with lawn care are weeds, fungus, and lawn pests. By using appropriate lawn care products when it is necessary, it is possible to obtain a beautiful lawn without having to worry about pests or weeds destroying your grass.

Lawn Care Products for Weeds

Weeds may be the biggest problem in lawn care that homeowners have to face. Weeds are plants that compete with turf-grasses for the same nutrition. This usually results in grass that is less healthy and thinner and ultimately, the lawn starts to look dead with yellow-ish turf-grass. Weed control is a necessary step to obtaining even looking grass, brighter and more natural green colors. Naturally, regular maintenance on weeds should be done just as fertilizers are applied. There are pre-emergent weed control products available that can be applied before weeds take over your lawn. Likewise, there are post-emergent weed control products available to treat your lawn if a weed infestation occurs.

Lawn Care Products for Fungus

Fungus that is found on soil is the cause of most of the severe lawn diseases. They may also be the most difficult to treat for. The biggest reason why fungal diseases occur on lawns is because they are misinterpreted by homeowners and incorrectly identified as lawn weeds or even lawn pests. They are unable to identify the source of the damage and apply all the wrong insecticides and pesticides directly on to the lawn which ultimately creates more damage than the initial damage that was caused by fungus. By using the correct fungicides for lawn care and following the correct methods of fungus prevention is the best way to protect the lawn grass from fungal diseases. There are several different reasons why fungus will take over a lawn. These reasons include improper watering to the lawn, the lack of aeration, using the wrong or too much fertilizer, soil compaction, and etc.

Lawn Care Products for Pests

Turf-grass or a lawn environment is mostly a monoculture, which means that there is a large planting of just one species of plant or just one breed of grass. Therefore, when pests interrupt that environment, an infestation can destroy a lawn within just a few days. Although pests are not a common cause for lawn damage, they are capable of occasionally damaging or even killing turf-grass. Some signs of pest damage to lawns are changes in color from green to yellow-brown, discolored patches that may merge into large dead areas of grass, and etc. Before taking any pest control on lawns, homeowners must identify the lawn pest and must be sure that it is actually an insect infestation that is causing the damage. Using incorrect pesticides or lawn care products that do not target the specified pest, it can ultimately lead to more damage to your lawn.

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Q. Where can I buy Viper insecticde concentrate
A.   Please see link below for the direct link to the Martin's Viper product page. You will be able to place an order through this page.
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Q. What is turning our grass yellow?
We have St. Augustine grass and there is a large patch in our front yard that is turning very pale and yellowish. The rest of the yard is fine. What causes this and what can I do about it?
A.   The patch of grass may have turf-grass. If that is the case, you can treat it with Eagle 20EW Fungicide. Depending on the severity of the infection, it may be curable. Please refer to the product label for further information.
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Q. How long after application before we can put horse back in pasture?
We sprayed fence rows with Sahara DG herbicide bareground vegetation control yesterday-how long before we can put our horse back in that pasture?
A.   After speaking to the manufacturer of Sahara DG, they do advise that you wait till the treated area has completely dried, however, there are no restrictions on grazing and etc. As long as the treated area has completely dried, you are allowed to bring the horses back into the pasture.
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Q. What will control and kill sod web worms and fungus?
A.   We recommend Merit 75 and Liquid Copper Fungicide for the fungus. Please read all product labels before application of any chemical.
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Q. What can I spray in the yard to kill off red mange mites?
A.   Unfortunately, we do not have any products with red mange mites on the product label. We apologize that we were not able to better assist you.
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Q. I have vines taking over my yard. help
i have cut them sprayed round up. its back 3 months later. I see the county spraying something along the highway that kills all vines. I have the same ones from the empty lot next door. do you carry something that strong to kill these vines. I just put up a wooden fence and the vines coming back into the yard thru in between the boards. any help would be greatly appreciate.
A.   We are not sure exactly which product it may be that the county is using to get rid of the vines, however we would recommend AGRISEL Gly Pho-Sel Pro 41% with Surfactant which is a type of round up or Sahara DG Herbicide
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Q. How do we get rid of wild onions in our lawn?
A.   Unfortunately, there is no pre-emergent herbicide that we carry that will control wild onions but we do carry a few post-emergent herbicides that will control wild onions. Please keep in mind that many post-emergents may not be selective herbicides and may kill desired plants. Imazaquin is the recommended active ingredient to kill off wild garlic and wild onion. We carry a product called Image that has the Imazaquin active ingredient. This product is not recommended to be used on fescue and shouldn't be applied to warm season turf during green up in the spring season. Remember to wait at least 1.5 months after treatment before you begin reseeding, winter overseeding or plugging the lawn. Do not use Image on newly planted lawns and also cannot be used on winter overseeded lawns with annual ryegrass.
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Q. what is the best product to use on weeds that have taken over St. Augustine
A.   Fertilome Weed-Out Lawn Weed Killer is an selective herbicide that can be used on St. Augustine grass. Please refer to the product label before applying the product.
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