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Roach IGRs
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It is bad enough when an insect infestation takes over your house. It gets even worse when you know that they are social insects by nature, reproduce quickly, and create huge colonies. Amongst some of the household pests that take over a structure in this manner, one of the most persistent insects are cockroaches. However, what if you were told that you can stop their reproduction cycle and stop them from building colonies that are just too large to handle? Pest Mall provides a variety of Roach IGRs that will prohibit them from maturing and ultimately, reproducing.

If there are any questions on how Roach IGRs work or which one will best fit the cockroach infestation that has invaded your structure, feel free to talk to one of Pest Malls representatives at 1-800-788-4142.

What is a Roach IGR?

IGR stands for Insect Growth Regulator. IGRs are chemicals that disrupt and halt the developmental stage of insects. Ultimately, because they are not completely maturing, they are unable to reproduce. For roach infestations, roach IGR is crucial because they prevent roaches from shedding or developing their exoskeleton. Cockroaches mature by molting and so getting rid of their old exoskeleton and forming a new one is a dire part of cockroach development. Because they cannot continue in development, they are not able to reproduce. Many pest control technicians like to use the term “birth control” for roaches because IGRs keep populations to a minimum and prevent future infestations from occurring. Although IGRs do not have a killing effect, they are a crucial part of cockroach control. Also, even though IGRs do not have a killing effect, they do have a residual of about 3 months and so even after it is dry, the roach IGR will continue to have effects for about 3 months.

Roach IGR Formulations

Pest Mall offers a variety of Roach IGRs that come in different formulations that will best fit the area that you are targeting and the size of the infestation you are experiencing. Roach IGRs can come in a concentrate, IGR station, or an aerosol spray. Roach IGR in the concentrate form is diluted in water and sprayed. It can be mixed with most other liquid concentrates which make for an easy one application. The concentrate is sprayed in cracks and crevices or used for spot treatment. Aerosol sprays come in a pre-mixed pressurized form that can be applied in cracks and crevices or used as a spot treatment. Aerosols are easy to use because there is no need to purchase a sprayer or dilute it in water. The last formulation of Roach IGR that Pest Mall provides is the Gentrol Point Source IGR Station. Roach IGR Stations can be placed in target areas like countertops, floor corners, under sinks, and etc. These are also pre-mixed and easy to use.

How to Effectively Use Roach IGR

Depending on the area that you are targeting, you will select a roach IGR accordingly. For crack and crevice treatment, it may be the best to consider using a concentrate or an aerosol. Because the chemicals that are used in the roach IGRs will not neutralize most of the chemicals that are used in the roach insecticides, they can be applied in the same places where the insecticides are applied. These are going to be areas like under appliances like the stove, refrigerator, washing machines, along the base board areas of each rooms, under and behind the toilet, and etc. The point source roach stations can be placed in more vulnerable and open areas like on top of counters, windowsills, next to sinks, next to stoves, and etc. because they are safely placed in tamper-free plastic stations.

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Q. roach infestation
I have German cockroaches that appeared after I spilled some dry rice and didn't pick all of it up within a few days. Anyways it started as a few buy now at night I can spot 10 or so crawling around my floors and now they have started coming up to the counter tops. My house is very clean no eating any where but the kitchen so it does seem to be concentrated in the kitchen. I cleaned up all the rice and found a lot hiding up under there. Yesterday I cleaned out Thursday kitchen of all foods that were opened and found them I assumed nesting inside the pancake batter. I mixed the pancake batter with dima
A.   Although we do not have information on DIMA, we do suggest using baits in the kitchen. Gel baits can be used in cracks and crevices under the sink and under cabinets. Bait stations that are prebaited with cockroach bait can be used on counters and behind or under appliances like refrigerators and stoves. Dupont Advion cockroach gels and bait stations are the most popular but all baits will work in the same way.
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Q. Roach infestation
We have roaches in the kitchen really bad.. small smoky brown .. and they are getting on my nerves.. they are starting go to the other rooms of the house.. what do you suggest the right treatment for getting rid of them
A.   For Smoky Brown roaches you will need to start the treatment by treating around the outside of your home. These roaches usually nest outdoors and occasionally forage indoors in search for food. For the roaches already inside the home, we would recommend using a product like Maxforce FC Magnum which provides quick knock out.
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Q. How does the "bait" work?
A.   Baits can work slightly different depending upon the targeted pests, but all baits are activated through ingestion of the poison.
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WE had tried everything to rid our yeard of the ground squirrel, but your trap worked like a charm. To date we have captured and released several miles away from our home the five ground squirrels. Cute creatures, but the noise and holes in our yard was really getting to us.

- Shershe -
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