Advance 360A Ant Bait Station - box (72 stations)
Advance 360A Ant Bait Station - box (72 stations)

Advance 360A Ant Bait Station - box (72 stations)

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Advance 360A Ant Bait Station - box (72 stations)
box (72 stations)
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By containing the powerful ant bait Advance 360A into a childproof package, ant control has never been this safe and effective. A direct contact insecticide, Advance 360A contains the potent insecticide abemectin as its active ingredient. Known for its toxicity to insects such as ants, abemectin is mixed with peanut butter to make up the Advance 360A Ant Bait. The poisonous treat is irresistible to most ant species. No dispersion is necessary for ants do the work.

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Advance 360A Ant Bait Station (Pack of 4 Stations)

From Whitmire Micro-Gen Laboratories, Advance 360A Ant Baits comes in new childproof casings. Stations, as these casings are called, are easier to handle and maintain. Advance 360A's slow acting yet powerful formulation kills ants by the colony, totally solving your ant problems.

Why Should You Use Advance 360A Ant Bait Stations?

Queen ants give life to ant colonies, literally. Queen ants give birth to ants by the thousands and it is impractical to eliminate ants in tiny fractions. In order to eradicate an ant colony, it must be deprived of its ability to produce young by killing its only fertile member - the queen ant. Advance 360A Ant Bait contains a slow-acting ingredient that slowly poisons ants when they come into contact when harvesting the bait. Ants then take the poisoned harvest to the colony food store where they are stored or consumed by all ants including the queen. Poison spreads like an epidemic, killing off every inhabitant of the colony.

Target Pest(s): Pharaoh Ants, Cornfield Ants, Argentine Ants and a Variety of Household Ants
Manufactured By: Whitmire Micro-Gen Laboratories
Active Ingredient(s): Abamectin B1 - 0.011%
Size: Each package contains 4 stations

Directions for Advance 360A Ant Bait Station Use

Advance 360A Ant Bait Stations come in packs of four bait stations. Stations should be placed at areas of high ant activity and presence. Ants are easily attracted to foodstuffs with high carbohydrate, protein and sugar contents. Including ant baits.

It is recommended to use 3 to 4 bait stations for a decent-sized room. In case of heavy infestations, deploy additional stations. Bait stations should be replaced with newer ones every 90 days to prevent future infestations from occurring.

Where to use Advance 360A Ant Bait Stations

Use Advance 360A Ant Bait Stations by placing the product in places where ants congregate. The product can be used outdoors as long as it remains dry. For indoor applications, eave bait stations along wall edges, window sills, wall corners, potted plants, wall voids, cracks and crevices, baseboards and other areas frequented by ants.

Please refer to the product label for application instructions.

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