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Advance Termite Bait System - Basic Kit
Advance Termite Bait System - Basic Kit

Advance Termite Bait System - Basic Kit

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Advance Termite Bait System - Basic Kit
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The Advance Termite Bait System offers a complete solution to all termite problems. The bait system is one of the most advanced bait systems ever developed. The system consists of several components that effectively isolate termite infestations. Widely used by professional termite exterminators, the bait system is used to monitor the presence of termites and exterminate them once they're found.

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Advance Termite Bait System - Basic Kit

Whitmire Micro-Gen's Advance Termite Bait System Basic Kit is an in-ground monitoring system specifically designed for termites. The Termite Bait System consists of several components that work together to monitor termite infestations. The bait system includes a termite bait station (TBS), termite monitoring base (TMB) and termite inspection cartridge (TIC).

The termite bait station (TBC) houses the bait system components. The TBC has a Quick-Lock Cap that protects the exposed portion of the station. The bait station can only be accessed by using a tool called a 'Spider' which can unlock the tamper-proof cap covering the station.

The termite monitoring base (TMB) is made from wood species preferred by termites. The TMB left exposed to the soil to attract termites. Termites enter through the openings that are cut into the TMB structure.

A termite inspection cartridge (TIC) is placed on top of the TMB. The TIC contains the Puri-Cell tablets to monitor termite populations. Made from highly purified cellulose, termites accelerate consumption to reach the rich food source. Termites quickly take over the station's resources until the food source is fully consumed.

The basic kit is a monitoring kit to determine the presence of termites and the severity of infestations. If termites are found, baiting would be the next logical step. The Advance Termite Bait System Pro Kit includes termite bait cartridges (TBC) which can be used in place of TICs to start termite exterminations.

Why Should You Use Advance Termite Bait System ?

The Advance Termite Bait System is highly effective in monitoring termite presence in soil.

Target Pest(s): Subterranean Termites
Manufactured By: Whitmire Micro-Gen Laboratories
Active Ingredient(s): Puri-Cell Monitoring Tablets (cellulose)
Kit Contents:

Termite Bait Stations (TBS) - 10 units

Termite Inspection Cartridges (TIC) - 10 units

Termite Monitoring Base (TMB)- 10 units

Not For Sale To: NY, CT

Directions for Advance Termite Bait System Use

To monitor termite presence in premises, assemble the bait system by first inserting the termite monitoring base (TMB) at the bottom of the base station. Place the termite inspection cartridge (TIC) on top of the TMB and cover the station with the supplied Quick-Lock cap.

Excavate holes to accommodate the bait stations. This can be done by using drilling tools or other drilling equipment. Drilled holes should be deep and wide enough to fit the stations. Install bait stations 10 feet or 20 feet apart from each other.

Inspect stations 45 days and 90 days after installing and every 90 days thereafter.

Where to use Advance Termite Bait System

Advance Termite Bait Systems are installed indoors on basement floors or outdoors around structures. Excavations are made for it is necessary for the bait stations to have access to soil. Surfaces covered in concrete and asphalt must be drilled of holes to fit the bait stations. Stations must be fully entrenched to maximize soil contact.

Please refer to the product installation manual for further details.

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