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Ant Bait Stations
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Ant Bait Stations are ideal for homeowners who are being invaded by unwelcome ants. Simple as set it and forget it. These ant bait stations were made specifically to help you avoid your ant infestations. Designed to be tamper proof and waterproof, ant bait stations are very reliable and effective in terms of ant control. With a choice of any ant bait, ant bait stations are effective ant traps that lure your pestering ant problems away from getting into your home. Ideal placement for these ant bait stations are: indoor and outdoor soil, around buildings, near shrubs and trees.

Listed below are Pest Mall's best ant bait station sellers. They come in different sizes and colors. Rely on us for all your ant bait station needs.

Ant Bait Stations

Compared to other insects, the reproduction level of ants is quite high and they can lay thousands of eggs in one sitting. Their population growth rate is one of the main reasons why ants have become one of the biggest problems for homeowners today. There are a number of different types of ant control products available online including professional ant baits stations. Years ago, people used unreliable methods to get rid of ants. In our day, there are many different methods and treatments to consider for superior ant control. Among the many solutions, ant baits stations are one of the most effective and reliable ways to get rid of ants of all types. Ant bait stations are available here at for both homeowners and business owners. These products have proved to be very helpful in getting rid of any ant species. Ant bait stations are becoming a common practice in many houses where homeowner fall victim to broad range of ants.

Pest Mall carries a wide variety of ant bait stations such as Advance 360A Ant Bait Station, MaxForce FC Ant Bait Station and Dupont Advion Ant Bait Station. Empty stations are also available such as the Ant Bait Trays and Ant Café Refillable Bait Stations for experience customers who prefer the use of other baits. These trays are compatible with any ant bait available on the market. The ant baits offered at include ant bait gels, ant granular baits and powder baits.

It is of high importance to first locate the source of your ant problem, the ant colony. When you have discovered the location, place ant bait stations around the perimeter of the source.

How Ant Bait Stations Work

Ant stations are beneficial in a number of different ways as they help us get rid of destructive ant pests. Ant bait stations are easy to apply and can be used “right out of the box.” One of the best features of an ant bait station is that it can be placed anywhere in or around your house creating a perimeter against ants for your residence. Inspection is key for ant bait stations to work properly. Before the use of any ant bait station, be sure to locate the source of your ant problem. Ant baiting is only effective if you locate the ant mound(s) beforehand and lay ant bait stations near that specific location. Ants will take this bait back to their colonies and add it their food source for their larvae and their worker peers. As a result, the whole colony, ants ranging from all the stages of life, will be infected and will die in no time. Always read the safety precautions and label carefully which is provided at the back of each product to ensure safe use and proper use.

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Q. what if the ants are in the carpet and walls?
I have small fire ants in my walls and carpet of the place we are staying. I don't know where the ideal place to set up the bait station. I have 3 small children and can't afford an exterminator or to tent the place.
A.   You must find the fire ants locations that are isolated and concentrated. They will usually congregate or nest near a water or food source. Fire ants will even look for warmer areas. Use baits in concentrated areas of infestation. Often times, they will make trails along base boards. Gel baits should be applied in areas that the children cannot access. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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The unit is as described. Delivery was much quicker than I anticipated. The construction is adequate for the purpose I have intended.

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