Ant Cafe Refillable Bait Station - 1 Bag / 48 Stations
Ant Cafe Refillable Bait Station - 1 Bag / 48 Stations

Ant Cafe Refillable Bait Station - 1 Bag / 48 Stations

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Ant Cafe Refillable Bait Station - 1 Bag / 48 Stations
1 bag (48 bait stations)

Ant Caf1/4 Refillable Bait Stations can be used with liquid or granular baits and keep them fresh for up to 3 weeks. Each bag contains 48 polypropylene bait stations that are designed to keep the baits away from contaminants. The product can also be used to controlling ants, cockroaches among other insects.

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Ant Caf1/4 Refillable Bait Station - 1 Bag / 48 Stations

Innovative Pest Control Solution introduces Ant Caf1/4 Refillable Bait stations for ant control. The highly versatile stations can be used with liquid or dry baits. In addition, each station has precut holes that can accommodate small ants and even cockroaches. Made from tough polypropylene, Ant Caf1/4 Bait Stations have a spill-proof design for handling liquid baits. The stations are also constructed to prevent bait contaminations, blend with their surroundings and provide easy anchorage to structures.

Why Should You Use?

In addition to ants, this versatile product can be used to bait cockroaches and other insects just by replacing the type of bait.

Target Pest(s): Ants, Cockroaches and other insects
Manufactured By: Innovative Pest Control
Composition: Polypropylene
Size: 1 Bag (48 Stations)
Yield/Application: Varies on the bait used
Not For Sale To: For sale to ALL States

Directions for Use

***Baits NOT included***

Ant Caf1/4 Refillable Bait Stations supports both liquid and granular baits. Stations have ⅛-inch precut holes located in the hinged end, ideal for limiting liquid bait evaporations. The diameter of these holes can be increased to 1/4 inches to support granular baits or allow access to larger ants/insects.

Before applications, carefully read the bait product labels before filling the stations with bait. Fill the stations with the appropriate kind of bait by opening the hinged end. DO NOT use two kinds of bait in a single station. Close the lid to secure the bait inside the station. Anchor bait stations to ant harborage sites using tapes, ties or adhesives. Space each bait station as recommended.

Where to Apply

Use Ant Caf1/4 Refillable Bait Stations indoors and outdoors. The product is for use in and around residential, commercial, public and industrial structures.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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