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Ant Granules
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Among many of the trusted pest control products, ant granules are one of the best for outdoor lawn pest control. These ant granules are primarily used for lawns and to set perimeters outdoors. Ant granules can also be used for scattering in attics, crawl spaces near foundations, and the surrounding vicinity of homes and other structures. Designed for eliminating ants, they are also used for other small insect pests such as roaches, silverfish, crickets, and more. Each ant granule product will suffice when in need of controlling ant infestations. Ant granules are a contact kill for ants.

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Professional Ant Granules

Ant granules are one of the most suggested solutions for ant problems. Most people panic once they notice that ants attack their house because there are various species of ants that are very aggressive in nature such as fire ants. Among many professional pest control products, ant granules are one of the best ant eliminating remedies ever introduced in the market. Many leading manufacturers have come up with their own unique range of products to control ant attacks. People who are worried about their beautiful fruit gardens in their homes can use these ant granules to kill ants instantly.

Pest Mall is one of the leading pest control product stores online offering superior ant control products to customers around the world. As you can see below, there are many types of different ant granules listed. Some of the most popular ant granules in today’s market are Bifen Granular, Talstar PL Granular, Advance 375A Select Granular Ant Bait, Premise Granule Termiticide, Deltagard G Granule and Bifen Granular. The list of professional ant granules are fit for any ant infestation you are dealing with.

Advantages of Using Granular Ant Baits

Granular ant bait is very effective in keeping ants and other pests away from your homes and gardens. The main advantage of ant granules is that it targets the actual source of the problem rather than just the visible ants. After discovery, ants will then take the granules back to their mound and deposit it with their food sources. From there, the ant granules will then be shared among the whole colony where soon after they will die after consumption. If you’re looking for results, ant granules is the way to go especially for outdoor treatments.

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Q. Bifen granules
how long will these granules remain active/effective once I put them in my lawn using a spreader? I am using the granules for ants.
A.   Bifen granules must be reapplied every 3-4 months prior to the initial application.
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Q. granular insect control products
I have tried other granular insect control products, such as those sole by Home Depot and Lowe's with little or no results. Why is yours different? What about a liquid spray? There seem to be several that you show as effective on ants. How do they hold up to rain, etc.?
A.   Our products are professional grade products that is not available for sale in any local hardware stores. You may use a liquid spray for treatment, however, it will be a contact kill insecticide. Termidor or Phantom liquid concentrates can be used for liquid treatment. They have a residual of about 3 months and holds up to rain pretty well as long as the insecticide is dried for 24 hours after application.
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Is this GRANULAR product good only for lawns? I like to know because I do have a big backyard but don't have a lawn. There are fruit tress as well as grasses and that's it. With your help, I like to know which is best that I should go for. Should it be GRANULAR? or the CONCENTRATED product. Also, I like to know which of those products in your website I should purchase.

Pesticides cannot be used around fruit trees. But granulars do not have to be used only on grassy lawns. Also, the most optimal control will come from using both the Granular product on the lawn and concentrated liquid spray on the walls of the home as a barrier.

Talstar is a great product for fleas and Talstar makes both the liquid concentrate and the granule.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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