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Ant Dusts
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Are ants crawling inside through cracks and crevices? If so, you need ant dust immediately. At the bottom of the page is a list of the best ant killer dusts available on the market. With a wide assortment of well known professional brands, there is no way you'll lose. Simply apply the ant dust directly onto the open cracks and crevices to prevent any further ant invasions. Ideally, ant dust is used for "hard to reach" areas of your home, for example: air ducts, sewer pipes, behind the fridge, sinks, cabinets, closets and other potential crawl spaces. Ant dusts provide quick control of your ant problem and can last up to 8 months when applied correctly. Rely on ant dusts to prevent anymore intrusive invasions from unwanted ant guests.

Presented below is a collection of well known Ant Dust Products such as Drione Dust, Mother Earth Dust, and Delta Dust are just to name a few. Act now to prevent further ant infestations.

Ant Dust

Today, most people are busy in their routine activties and don’t get much time to keep an eye on their house to properly check if there are ant colonies growing inside their house or gardens. There are times when several different types of insects invade houses. Like it or not, it is a problem that most homeowners have to face. For that purpose there are a number of different pest control kits available on the internet. Pest Mall is the place where you might get almost all types of solutions for your problem.

Hiring ant control professionals for this task is quite expensive these days as they charge large sums of money for both the products and their services. Keeping in view the costs of different types of pest control remedies, leading manufacturers have introduced their own unique range of different products that are both high quality and cost effective as well.

Ant Killer Dust

Killer ant dusts are becoming quite popular among masses as they are proven to be very helpful to reduce ant attacks inside homes. Out of many popular ant killers, Drione dust is very effective. It is a solution not just for ants but many other insects including bedbugs, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, ticks, etc. Drione enables you to get rid of many different pests at the same time.

For people who are health conscious and are afraid of applying ant killer dusts in their homes because of the harmful chemicals, Permadust boric acid is a reliable product that is not health hazardous during applications. Only 1% of Pyrethrin is used as its active ingredient and you can use almost in any area of your house for ant prevention and control. It is highly recommended by experts to spread this ant killing dust around the living areas and kitchens to prohibit ants to access to your kitchens and other places where food is stored. Dust insecticides in general are commonly used because of the results they provide in terms of quick ant control. Dust pesticides force insects to lose their body moisture and die on the spot from dehydration. Take active control of your ant infestations professionally with dust insecticide treatments from Pest Mall.

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Q. Is it harmful to small inside the house dogs?
A.   It must be applied to restricted areas, not just for the safety of house pets, but for the safety of people as well. Dust products are applied to restricted and hard to access areas like the wall void, behind large furniture, and underneath furniture.
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