Argentine Ants

Argentine Ants
Size: About 1/16"
Color: Light to dark brown
Habitat: Shallow areas with moist soil
Origin: Argentina and Brazil
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Acrobat Ant Control

Acrobat ants are named after their specific defense mechanism where they would raise their head over their abdomen which gives off the appearance of an acrobatic gymnast walking on his or her hands. They are a 1/8" of an inch with an especially dark abdomen. From a bird’s eye view, the abdomen looks similar to the shape of a heart. Despite their heart shaped exterior, Acrobat ants are one of the most irritating species of ants. The repulsive smell that they give off is enough to send most people reeling. The acrobatic ant is an expert at boring through wood and can really be the bane of a homeowner.

Acrobat Ants Control Products

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Argentine Ant Behavior

Argentine ants prefer sweet foods. These will include fruits like honeydew or even fruit juices and other plant secretions. Even though they prefer sweet foods, this does not limit them to just fruit juices or other secretions. They will also forage on proteins which include fatty, savory, or greasy foods. This also means that they will look for meat, other insects, and are even known to attack small and vulnerable animals.

How to Get Rid of Argentine Ants

Argentine ant control is only effective when several methods are put into use. Effective management includes make sure to correct all conducive conditions and sealing any potential entry points including utility lines that enter the building from the outside or any cracks and crevices. After these areas are taken care of, you must find and treat colonies that exist with ant insecticides and ant baits that target Argentine ants. After treatment, there are preventative measures that include perimeter treatment with a liquid concentrate ant spray. If there is an ant infestation in the house, baits and sprays are both effective when they are used correctly.

There are several different killing Argentine ants that are nesting outdoors. Spot treatment directly on the mound or doing a perimeter barrier treatment to keep them from coming inside with a liquid insecticide will be effective. Argentine ants in the house are usually going to nest near a water source or in the wall void area. For effective wall void spot treatment, using a dust product that targets Argentine ants will be effective as you inject dust into the wall void via electrical outlets. You can also drill holes into galleries or brick and stone walls and inject dust insecticides or foam. It is unsafe to apply liquids near electrical equipment, therefore, take all precautionary actions before applying any insecticide. Also, for indoor control, ant gel baits near points of entry or any other area where ants will find a water or food source will prove to be effective.

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