B&G Check Valve Part for B&G Sprayer PV-266
B&G Check Valve Part for B&G Sprayer PV-266

B&G Check Valve Part for B&G Sprayer PV-266

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B&G Check Valve Part for B&G Sprayer PV-266
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B&G Sprayers are available in different models to suit every pest control application. Widely used by professional pest controllers and companies, B&G equipment are known for their efficient and reliable designs. The Georgia-based company offers a wide range of professional pest control equipment such as sprayers, foggers, traps, monitors and tools.

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B&G Check Valve Part for B&G Sprayer PV-266

A world leader in pest control equipment, B&G Equipment Company offers professional pest control equipment of superior quality. With more than 60 years experience, B&G is known for their excellence in engineering and providing pest control products and solutions to the industry. B&G supplies a wide range of tank sprayers, accessories, parts and tools that are highly versatile, durable and efficient.

B&G Sprayers use pressurized air to deliver pesticides to treated areas. Pump units are integrated into the sprayer tanks to pressurize the tanks and enable the sprayer to do its job. The Pump Unit Assembly consists of the pump handle, spring pump lock, pump cap, plunger rod, plunger nut, back plate, polypropylene cup, leather cup, cup spreader plate, lock washer, pump gasket, pump tube, check valve and brass cylinder.

Why Should You Use?

B&G produces the most trusted pest control equipment today. B&G Sprayers are durable, easy to maintain and spare parts are always available when you need them.

Manufactured By(s): B&G Equipment Company
Compatibility: B&G Sprayer(Pump Unit Assemblies)
Part No.: PV-266

Directions for Installation

Please read carefully the sprayer manual for complete instructions on how to install or service the pump assembly. Installation of replacement parts requires the disassembly of sprayer components. Please read the equipment repair and maintenance manual before proceeding.

To replace defective pump assemblies or components, first remove the tip holder, siphon tube and the output hose. Remove the tank's top cover and pull out the defective pump assembly from the tank. Take apart the pump assembly as directed by the service manual. Install the replacement pump assembly component(s) reassemble the pump. Replace the top cover and reinstall the siphon tube, rubber hose and tip holder. Pump the tank and check if the pump assembly works.

Where to Install

Use B&G Check Valves on compatible B&G models only. Please check the product manual to see if your spray equipment is compatible with this product.

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