B&G Gasket Kit GD-124
B&G Gasket Kit GD-124

B&G Gasket Kit GD-124

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SKU: GD124
B&G Gasket Kit GD-124
1 gasket kit

B&G Sprayers are available in different models to suit every pest control application. Widely used by professional pest controllers and companies, B&G equipment are known for their efficient and reliable designs. The Georgia-based company offers a wide range of professional pest control equipment such as sprayers, foggers, traps, monitors and tools.

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This Kit Includes:


Part #


#23 / Tank & Pump BG-PV-266 Check Valve
#21 / Tank & Pump BG-P-268 Gasket, Pump
#19 / Tank & Pump BG-NP-270 Plate, Cup Spreader
#18 / Tank & Pump BG-NP-277 Cup, Polypropylene
#13 / Tank & Pump BG-P-276 Spring, Pump Lock
#10 / Tank & Pump BG-D-51-P Washer, Hose
#49 / Extenda Ban Valve BG-4190 Gasket, Viton
#39 / Extenda Ban Valve BG-NG-146 Gasket, Nylon
#31 / Extenda Ban Valve BG-VP-151 Packing, Valve x 3
#43 / Extenda Ban Valve BG-VS-156 Spring, Seat Stem
#46 / Extenda Ban Valve BG-SP-159 Gasket, Soft Seat


B&G Gasket Kit GD-124

A world leader in pest control equipment, B&G Equipment Company offers professional pest control equipment of superior quality. With more than 60 years experience, B&G is known for their excellence in engineering and providing pest control products and solutions to the industry. B&G supplies a wide range of tank sprayers, accessories, parts and tools that are highly versatile, durable and efficient.

B&G offers replacement gaskets, springs, washers for B&G Sprayer repairs.

Why Should You Use?

B&G produces the most trusted pest control equipment today. B&G Sprayers are durable, easy to maintain and spare parts are always available when you need them.

Manufactured By(s): B&G Equipment Company
Compatibility: B&G Sprayer(Tank & Pump / Valves)
Part No.: GD-124
Kit Contents (Part No. / Description): (BG-PV-266) Check Valve

(BG-P-268) Gasket, Pump

(BG-NP-270) Plate, Cup Spreader

(BG-NP-277) Cup, Polypropylene

(BG-P-276) Spring, Pump Lock

(BG-D-51-P) Washer, Hose

(BG-4190) Gasket, Viton

(BG-NG-146) Gasket, Nylon

(BG-VP-151) Packing, Valve x3

(BG-VS-156) Spring, Seat Stem

(BG-SP-159) Gasket, Soft Seat

Directions for Installation

Please read carefully the sprayer manual for complete instructions on how to install or service the sprayer. Installation of replacement parts requires the disassembly of sprayer components. Please read the equipment repair and maintenance manual before proceeding.

Where to Install

Use B&G Gaskets on compatible B&G sprayer models. Please check the product manual to see if you equipment is compatible with this product.

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