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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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Bed Bug Control

You may not know where to start when it comes to bed bugs control, what bed bug killer to use, or just how to get rid of bed bugs altogether. Finding the right bed bug treatment can be overwhelming. Well, rest assure, you came to the right place! Our site will tell you everything you need to know regarding bed bugs, bed bug behavior, and how to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs creep around and inside your mattress and will quickly take over other furniture around you as well. Wonder how they got there? The source could be from anywhere. From travel, wild animals, used furniture, clothing (more common), and even visitors/guests are where bed bugs could possibly originate. Shockingly, just one bed bug is needed to jump start a massive bed bug infestation. So you should work quickly to get rid of bed bugs and we have all the best bed bug treament that is available on the market with a staff that is full of knowledge on how to kill bed bugs.

Know-How : Bed Bugs Treatment

There are a lot of options to use as a bed bug treatment that is available in our store. But before you start a bed bug treatment, you should get to know your opponent. This will allow you to maximize bed bugs control and eradication. Bed bugs go through five stages of maturity, and an adult bed bug can reach up to about a fourth of an inch long. Bed bugs are reddish-brown in color and flat in appearance. Bed bug nymphs, on the other hand, are transparent and turn a bright reddish tint only after feeding. Bed bugs are one of the most annoying insects that can ever invade a home and can potentially cause quite a few problems. Bed bug infestations are known to get out of hand in a rapid rate so bed bugs treatment should be applied as soon as possible.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Before you apply any type of of bed bug killer, the first step of bed bugs control is to identify the pest. So how do you actually know if you have bed bugs or not? There are several ways to detect them, but the most common way people usually find out they have a bed bug problem is through visual evidence. Bed bugs can leave a lot of waste behind their trails, which is harder to hide than they are. If you ever noticed dark spots on your mattress it could be blood or even feces the bed bugs have left behind for you. They could also leave trails of dead skin, eggs, and even leave their dead behind. Another way you could find out, which is probably the worst way, is from actual bed bug bites. Ever woke up and noticed tiny red bites all over you without knowing why? Considering that bed bugs strike at one of the worst times, as their name implies, they can be a little more than a nuisance. Bed bug treatment can be a little bit difficult because of their activity times peak when we are asleep. Sleeping during the night, makes us very vulnerable to bed bugs. Moreover, their bites are so small, that we will never be aware of them until the next morning. Take control of your bed bug infestation, find all the right information on how to kill bed bugs, and use our professional bed bugs control products and the right bed bug killer to finally get some quality rest you deserve.

  • Bed Bug Traps
    Leave the traps near/under your bed and attract them in…for good.
  • How to Kill Bed Bugs with Bed Bug Dust Insecticides
    Find a collection of dry formula contact insecticides. Dust insecticides can be used for indoor cracks/crevices and a light coat for mattresses.
  • How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs with Bed Bug Aerosol Sprays
    Bed bug sprays are highly recommended to manage your bed bug problems. It is very easy to use and some have a long lasting residual effect.
  • Using Our Bed Bug Kits for Complete Bed Bugs Treatment
    If your infestation is little too much to handle, you’re going to need one of our bed bug kits. You can’t go wrong here. Hand picked by our professionals, the insecticides included are all that you need to completely eliminate your bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs treatment is a tricky task, but just keep in mind that it is not impossible to get rid of bed bugs. Pest Mall is here to help and provide the best methods on how to kill bed bugs and the right bed bug killer that you are looking for. One of the first actions to take when discovering you have a bed bug infestation problem is to get a hold of our mattress encasements (aka bed bug mattress covers). Second, is to apply concentrate bed bug pesticides. If you have any questions concerning a bed bug problem, please do not hesitate to call or chat with us online.

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Q. I have a blanket and a through and a sheet on my bed, do I have to dispose of them or could I clean them with something and save them?
A.   You can wash the items in hot water in order to kill any bed bugs. The ideal temperature for treatment is about 113-115 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Q. Resistance Unraveled
I read recently in a trade magazine that bed bugs are building up a tolerance to pyrethrins. How does this happen? If a bed bug is killed by a pyrethrin it's dead. How do the other bed bugs begin to build up a tolerance? How do bed bugs in another location build up a tolerance?

We can blame Natural Selection at the increasing resistance of a number of insects to pesticides. Biological traits and natural adaptation are the reasons why a number of weeds are resistant to some herbicides and some rodents still survive after digesting rodenticide-laden food or traps. The same can be said of people who seem to have better immune systems.

In the case of common, there are studies and proof that they have become resistant to synthetic pyrethroids. Synthetic pyrethroids are man-made version of pyrethrin and are made from petroleum derivatives. Pyrethrin, on the other hand, is an organic compound that attacks and paralyzes insects' nervous systems. Over the years, the insecticide industry has been dependent of synthetic products and in effect helping produce the next generation of bugs which are immune to its effects.

While pyrethrin is a better choice, there have been studies that showed cockroaches recovering from pyrethrin treatments. Recent insecticides that contain pyrethrin are now manufactured with one or two synergists for added efficacy. Other studies have shown that bed bugs have become immune to the deadly effects of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), a water soluble insecticide. And since pyrethroids and DDT share some similar modes of action in attacking nervous systems of insects, a number of bugs are also considered immune to pyrethroids.

However, the concern of most people is the effect of synthetic pyrethroids, Are they still effective against insect infestation? Can synthetic pyrethroids create "super bugs"? The answer is yes and no. The bugs may look like they are adapting to the affects - some species are hardly taken down by the treatments, while others take longer or stronger doses to die. What we are seeing is the survival of the fittest, their genetic composition may have the capability to block certain effects of the insecticide. When these surviving bugs reproduce, their offspring are likewise resistant to the insecticide.

It travel by breeding and finding temporary shelter in clothing. From there they could set up shop in almost anywhere in the country. Their survival has always depended on moving and breeding in places that could give them the most ideal living conditions and food sources. Their ancestors have survived through this strategy and must have passed on genes that have better resistance on the effects of pyrethroids.

Dr. Mike Potter of the University of Kentucky said that some populations of the common bed bug have shown 1000x factor of resistance to synthetic pyrethroids. This means that the effect of the said compound is likely to have no effect of the target insects.

Currently the best plan is to use insecticides interchangeably, that is using different kinds of treatments over a period of time. Through this strategy, insects will not be able build up resistance against the products. From pyrethroid, use a neonicotinoid or a Pyyrhole then an Oxadiazine. Use desiccant dusts like silica gel (Drione, Tri-Die) and diatomaceous earth (MotherEarth D) and other products that do not have an effect on the nervous system. They kill insects by seeping into the bugs' exoskeleton and affecting bodily functions through dehydration. Dessicant dusts also have long-term effects, and are still effective even after several years.

Moreover, their effects to humans and pets are almost minimal. Dessicants are not exactly new, but they are your best bet when it comes to confusing bugs' immune systems and are much safer that other products.

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Q. after spraying and cleaning home, what is the cause of bed bugs returning?
A.   There are a variety of reasons why you may have a re-infestation of bed bugs. It could be that your treatment plan was not thorough enough. Moreover, if you live in a complex with neighboring homes that are connected (apartment, townhouse, etc.), your neighbor's infestation may be causing a re-infestation in your own home. Also, if you have traveled recently and came back, you may have brought them home from another location. Keep in mind that just one treatment will not eradicate a bed bug infestation. You must treat regularly and continuously until the infestation is completely rid of.
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Q. How to get rid of bed bugs in Illinois
I realized that I had bed bugs in January 2012. I called a pest control company. They did a semi-inspection and gave me a quote of $350 for one room. I would first have to uproot my entire bedroom. I did some research and then bought a mattress and pillow encasement. I also bought diatomaceous earth and a duster. I haven't slept in my room since 1/6/12. After treating, I finally returned last night; and they're still here!!!!! I really can't afford costly treatments right now; but I need to be able to sleep. My daughter has now seen 1 or 2 in her room. I also saw one on a recliner in the living room. Please help!!!
A.   Since bed bugs are so small and can fit in virtually any crack or crevice, it is extremely important that you are able to treat all areas. Since some products cannot be used in specific areas, we recommend purchasing kits and supplement material as they are needed because the kits will provide you with insecticides for all target areas. These kits usually include an aerosol for furniture, a liquid concentrate for baseboards and large general surface areas, and dust for the wall void. If you have any questions on the products or bed bug control, feel free to call us at 1-800-788-4142 or email us at
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Q. Can bed bugs live in a stove or refrigerator?
A.   It is possible for bed bugs to live in places such as the stove or refrigerator. Bed bugs can practically live anywhere and can fit through the smallest cracks. For this reason, they require extensive treatment with careful inspection.
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Q. Bed bugs in car
Bed bugs in car and trunk. What do I need to purchase to get rid of the buggers??
A.   Unfortunately, there are not many residual products that you can use inside the car. The number of products you can use are very limited. Consider using such products like Bedlam which is sprayed every 1-2 weeks or Steri-fab, which has no residual at all.
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Q. Hot can kill the Bed Bug, how about cold. could you put a bed frame or mattress out in freezinr weather aand kill them
A.   Although freezing temperatures will kill bed bugs, if you leave any material out in the freezing temperatures, it will take a few weeks for that sort of treatment to work.
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Q. A dog has identified bedbugs in a car, bedroom and luggage
what should be done to address the porblem in the CAR? I have heard - on a hot day, turn on the heat and leave the car running for an hour in the sun. Or spend $600 to have the car vaccumed and then steamed.
A.   Heat treatments may or may not work in a car because temperatures have to reach 160 degrees F. We recommend using a product like Bedlam bed bug spray or Steri-Fab. Sterifab will only continue to kill as long as it is wet and Bedlam will continue to kill for up to a week. Leave treated areas to completely dry before coming in contact with that treated area again.
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Q. is there a home remedy that works and cheap
A.   Unfortunately, we specialize in pest control supplies and we are not well versed in home remedies. We do apologize for the inconvenience.
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Q. i work at a hotel as a housekeeper....
we have 1 room infested with bed bugs. the hotel keeps trying to get rid of them but when they think theyre gone there not. several customers have complained about getting biten. they have been treating the room for 10 days now and still no luck. whats the 100% best way to get rid of them for good and can i get them on me even if i dont go into the room??? im kinda freaking out b/c i dont wanna bring them home to my 3 young children.
A.   Bed bug treatment may take more than 10 days and requires thorough and consistent treatment of a variety of pesticides. It also requires non-chemical treatment of thorough vacuuming and laundering. Vacuuming and laundering should be done frequently and regularly. There is no 100% fool-proof way of getting rid of them. You just need to be consistent and following the labels of the insecticides.
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