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Bed Bugs Steam Cleaner- Steam Storm 3000
5 of 5 Stars!
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Review : Bed Bugs Steam Cleaner- Steam Storm 3000

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5 of 5 Stars!January 19, 2011
By Ellen R.
Very cost effective
5 of 5 Stars!October 30, 2010
By Donna G.
The Steam Storm 3000 has become my new best friend! I have always had a bed bug problem and therefore accumulated a numerous number of pesticides throughout the years. Some have been good and some have been really bad so when I came across the steam cleaner I felt like all my bed bug nightmares had been put to rest! I’ve used this steam cleaner to not only get rid of bed bugs but also clean windows, flooring, sofas and carpets. Having spent so much money on a professional exterminator, buying the steam cleaner has been a great investment for me. I have also always found it really difficult to remove dirt and dust from small corners in my home so all the appliances especially the small cord have been a great bonus. All the dust and insects have gone making my home a much more hygienic place to be in.
5 of 5 Stars!April 01, 2011
By Max J.
I was having a lot of bed bug problems at night being constantly disturbed by the need to itch! I need a quick effective solution as money was no problem for me. I found the Steam Storm 3000 and have never looked back since! Great decision and worth every dollar!
5 of 5 Stars!April 22, 2011
By Diana R.
I have 2 toddlers and they are constantly crawling and falling everywhere. I noticed my youngest son developing a rash one day and went to the doctors. There the doctor proposed that the rash may be due to bed bugs. I first came across a steam cleaner when I rented it to clean the beds, carpets and sofas from bed bugs in my house. It worked well but I couldn’t afford to keep renting the steam cleaner so I decided to buy one. It was a very good decision as not only is it saving me money but it is doing a better job than the one I used to rent. The Steam Storm 3000s water consumption was lower than the steamer I had previously used and the ability to change the pressure was giving me better results. It is lightweight and easily storable. As soon as I started using it all around the house, my sons’ rash started to reduce and eventually disappear much to my relief. At the same time it has allowed me to maintain my house at a much cleaner level keeping my kids away from dirt too.
5 of 5 Stars!April 19, 2009
By Sherry T.
Great results!
5 of 5 Stars!July 14, 2011By Irene Welsh

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Great service! got my bedlam sprays on within 2 days. Love pestmall...thnx guys!

- Tiffany -
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