Bee Keeping Tools

Bee Keeping Tools
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Bee Keeping Tools

Honey bees are one of the most important species of bees. These types of bees are actually the ones that are responsible for pollinating plants all over the United States. Therefore, it is important to us that they are saved instead of killed off. We do recommend that you protect honey bees rather than try to kill them, because they are an important part of our environment. In fact, they are manageable insects and can be used to not only cultivate natural honey, but used to pollinate crops in the United States. The University of Georgia also says this about honeybees: "They are practical models of biological organization and social behavior." Although some of the responses we have in bee management may seem just locally responsive, it is actually a globally relevant movement that we here at Pest Mall would like to encourage. Following are some of the necessary tools and equipment that you may be interested in for the management of bees.

Different Types of Bee Equipment

There a variety of bee keeping equipment that is needed to maintain bees so that they are either safely removed or safely managed. The equipment that is available at Pest Mall includes professional grade bee suits and bee jackets, complete bee hives, and other accessory tools like smokers.

Bee Suits and Bee Jackets

Many people may be hesitant to handle bees because of their aggressive nature. Bees are infamously known for their stings and can be quite frightening to some people. It is important that you are protecting yourself when you are handling bees and this includes the proper protective gear. Here at Pest Mall, we provide you with professional grade protective gear that is made with high quality material. Perhaps you need a complete suit with gloves and helmet or you only need a jacket instead of a complete bee suit. We are able to provide you with what suits or gloves that you need for complete protection.


Bee hives are essential for bee keeping. It's their home! It's where they reproduce and thrive. It's important to have more than one hive on hand because you don't know when you will need a new hive. Remember that when you are growing your kit, you add on a new kit immediately instead of waiting, so having more than one kit at hand will save you the trouble and headache of trying to maintain for an extended period of time and it will keep the bees happy too. Here at Pest Mall, we offer both assembled and unassembled bee hives.

Smoker Tool

A smoker is a best friend to any bee keeper out there. A smoker is a cylinder canister that has bellows attached to blow out the smoke. Inside the canister, you build a slow-burning fire from pine needles, old burlap, rotten wood, or smoker fuel. The reason you want a slow burning fire is because these types of fires produce mostly smoke and not a huge fire. When the bellow that is attached to the canister is pressed on, it blows out the smoke from the nozzle that will do two things to help you maintain the bees. Smoke triggers a natural defense mechanism for the bees. In a natural setting, smoke alerts the bees' instincts to react and behave as if they are being attacked by a natural forest fire. The first line of defense is to make sure they are able to collect as much honey to take with them after the escape. Because they are so preoccupied with working and collecting the honey for escape, they will leave you alone and be very gentle while you are working. Secondly, the smoke that is used makes communication between the bees almost impossible. Natural pheromone type communication messages are sent from the queen to other workers, brood, and even the male drones of the hive. The smoke will interfere with the messages that they are trying to communicate with each other and the bees are left alone to continue working for the escape without other notice. When working with the bees, make sure to keep the smoker lit at all times.

Beekeeping Accessory Tools

Make your life easy and beekeeping fun and fresh by using the assistance of beekeeping accessory tools. Here at Pest Mall, we not only provide you with some of the essentials, but we also provide you with the accessories that allow you to easily maintain the bees, as well as the beehives and even helps you to easily collect honey and gather pollen. There is a plethora of tools available that will help you. To ask about details of the tools, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-788-4142.

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Q. Where do i find the bee hives you have available?
A.   We currently do not carry bee hives
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Q. laminators to cover beehove frames
A.   We do not stock this item at the momment
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