Bee Swarm Box
Bee Swarm Box

Bee Swarm Box

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Bee Swarm Box
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Anywhere bees are active and likely to swarm. This will usually be in the open eaves of structures, attics, crawl spaces, barns, sheds, trees, bushes, fence rows, and other locations where bees have been a problem or have nested in the past.

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Bee Swarm Box

Heavily corrugated cellulose material that has been molded into a "flower pot" that comes with a "lid". They stand about 13 inches tall and 14 inches wide at top. The lid will fit snugly and keep any bees contained. Like most flower pots, there is a small hole on the bottom, about the size of a nickel, through which the bees can enter and exit. Bees like to swarm and nest around cellulose, so the construction material being used is conducive to getting bees. Once a swarm or nest has been discovered, the bees can be managed many ways. The hole can be sealed allowing the hive to be relocated as needed. When used for monitoring, killer bees, bad nests, or undesirables can be exterminated easily as well using the same hole as the injection path. Ideally, these should be set out in trees, bushes, under the eaves of a building, or where bees naturally would like to swarm and nest. Adding some Swarm Lure inside will attract bees to it faster.

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