Beekeeping Round Veil (Black)
Beekeeping Round Veil (Black) Beekeeping Round Veil (Black)

Beekeeping Round Veil (Black)

Beekeeping Round Veil (Black)
1 Veil (Black)

This veil is a clear-vision veil that is very lightweight and easy to carry around. Made with a netting material, the veil protects you from stings and also keeps you very cool at the same time. The helmet is not inlcuded with this veil and must be purchased separately.

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Beekeeping Round Veil (Black)

Made of a lightweight, fine netting, clear vision fabric, this beekeeping veil protects your from bee stings. It keeps you cool while it also provides excellent protection. This veil features elastic on both the bottom and top of the veil so that it can rest on top of your helmet or any hat as well as on top of your shoulders. It is a lightweight veil that also features a metal wire that goes around the middle portion of the veil so that the veil cannot fall over your face. A helmet is not included with this veil and hats or helmets must be purchased separately.

The helmet is sold separately.

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