Bell Rodent Baiter for Rat
Bell Rodent Baiter for Rat

Bell Rodent Baiter for Rat

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Bell Rodent Baiter for Rat
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Bell Rodent Baiter for Rat
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Bell Rodent Baiter for Rat
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Bell Laboratories' Rodent Baiters are economical yet highly versatile bait stations for rodents. Bell Rodent Baiters can hold dry bait, liquid bait or tracking powder. The product is for use in and around residential, commercial and industrial buildings in situations where tamper-resistant bait stations are not required.

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Bell Rodent Baiter for Rats

Bell Rodent Baiters for Rats are non-tamper-resistant devices that can be used with both dry and liquid rodent baits. Made of heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic, these traps are very durable and last for years. The baiters come in a lightweight, one-piece design that is easy to use and handle. Designed especially for mice and rats, Bell Rodent Baiters are used together with rat baits for effective rodent control.

Why Should You Use Bell Rodent Baiter for Rats ?

Bell Rodent Baiters are economical, convenient and versatile.

Target Pest(s): Rats
Manufactured By: Bell Laboratories
Active Ingredient: Commercial rodent baits (SOLD SEPARATELY)
Size: 9 1/2 " x 8 1/4 " x 5 "
Yield/Application: Varies on the bait
Not For Sale To: For sale to ALL states

Directions for Bell Rodent Baiter for Rats

Use Bell Rodent Baiters to control rodent infestations. Use the appropriate bait for each application. Place the bait stations in areas that are inaccessible to children and pets. Deploy loaded bait stations in areas where mice and rats frequent such as base boards, along walls and wall corners, under furniture, and other areas where rodents are spotted. Bait stations must be spaced evenly as recommended by the bait product label.

- Baits are sold separately. -

Where to Apply Bell Rodent Baiter for Rats

Bell Rodent Baiters is for use in and around homes, apartments, schools, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and other areas where mice, rats and other rodents are present.

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