B&G Bulb Duster 1150
B&G Bulb Duster 1150

B&G Bulb Duster 1150

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From pest control equipment leader B&G Equipment, B&G Bulb Dusters are superior insecticide dust delivery systems widely used by professional and DIY pest controllers alike. Made from highly durable materials, B&G Bulb Dusters are the most reliable insecticide dust/granule applicators available in the market.

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B&G Bulb Duster 1150

With more than 60 years experience in the pest control industry, B&G Equipment Company manufactures highly reliable pest control equipment with unsurpassed quality. Use B&G Bulb Duster to apply granular and dust insecticides in treatment areas. B&G Bulb Dusters come with two plastic extension tips for crack and crevice applications, surface applications, voids, burrows and other hard-to-reach treatment areas. Using non-conductive rubber and plastic, B&G Bulb Duster is safe to use near exposed electrical connections.

Why Should You Use B&G Bulb Duster 1150?

B&G Bulb Dusters are made from durable materials and engineered to suit every pest control application.

Manufactured By: B&G Equipment Company
Active Ingredient: Varies on the insecticide used (sold separately)
Capacity: 10 oz.

Directions for B&G Bulb Duster 1150 Use

Remove the top cap of the bulb duster carefully without squeezing the bulb body. Check the bulb reservoir for moisture and other contaminants. Clean/dry the bulb duster if necessary. Fill the bulb duster reservoir with six (6) ounces of insecticide dust/granule for maximum efficiency. Do not overfill. Replace the cap with care to avoid spills. Mount the appropriate extension tip for each application. Direct the dust/granules to treatment areas only. Only use dust/granular insecticides approved by the E.P.A. Remember to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as indicated by the insecticide product label.

Where to Use B&G Bulb Duster 1150

Use B&G Bulb Duster to apply dust/granular insecticide to infested areas such as voids, cracks and crevices, burrows, tunnels and exposed surfaces.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the product label.

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