Bird Spike
Bird Spike

Bird Spike

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Bird Spike
1 ft. bird spike(S)
Bird Spike
10 ft. bird spike(S)
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Bird Spike
20 ft. bird spike(S)
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Bird Spike
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Bird Spike
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Bird Spike
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Bird spikes are one of the most effective bird control devices. Spikes protruding from Bird Spike strips discourage birds from landing into buildings. Bird spikes come in different sizes and lengths to fit in various surfaces. Furthermore, bird spikes can be assembled together to form spike bands of various lengths and widths.

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Bird Spike

Bird Spikes are physical barriers that are erected to prevent pest birds from perching and nesting into structures. Birds are known to deface building structures with their droppings. In addition, bird droppings attract a lot of insects which may start building colonies around buildings. Secure and protect your property from damages caused by pest birds by installing bird spikes.

Why Should You Use?

Bird Spikes are easy to install and maintain. Our bird spikes are made from durable materials that last for years!

Target Pest(s): Bird spikes deter most avian species.
Dimensions: 1' L x 4.5" W x 4.5" H
Length: 1 foot

Directions for Use

First determine the area where to install the bird spikes and measure its dimensions. Form bird spike lengths by joining the spike strips. Ensure that the spikes are not obstructed. Nail, glue or screw the assembled bird spikes on ledges, roofs, gutters and all possible areas where birds may land. Spike strips should be installed in unbroken lengths for maximum efficiency.

Please read the product label for installation instructions.

Where to Use

Bird spikes can be installed on almost every building that requires bird control. Install bird spikes outside of building structures where birds frequent such as rooftops, windowsills, gutters and other areas where birds perch.

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I mixed the product as directed for bedbugs. It had no effect on them at all other than making them wet for a while.

- Christian Hillary -
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