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Things Americans Use To Get Rid Of Bees

Tuesday, 26. August 2014 7:38

Bees can be dangerous and attack humans if they aren’t taken care of. That’s why, you need to get rid of bees in case of an infestation. Otherwise, opt for a bee control solution for effective beekeeping. Here are some of the things Americans use to get rid of bees- […]

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How to Kill Carpenter Bees?

Saturday, 28. June 2014 1:14

Carpenter bees resemble bumble bees because they have same body construction and coloring. Interestingly enough, these bees are less aggressive because the female stings only on provoking; yet they can gnaw through precious wood works indoors. In case your home is infested by these bees, please follow these effective extermination steps. […]

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Carpenter Bees and Traps for Them

Monday, 14. April 2014 5:16

Carpenter bees can be a big nuisance for most homeowners as they tend to bore holes to make their nests into any kind of non-painted wood such as decks, handrails etc. One of the best prevention options for carpenter bee control is to make sure that you paint all wooden structures around the house.

In cases however where this is not possible and a carpenter bee attack has already happened, the next step really is find a way to trap them. When talking about how to kill carpenter bees, one of the best solutions is to use a carpenter bee trap. […]

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