Bed Bug Prevention

Bed Bug Prevention

Bed Bug Prevention Tips:

Avoid Secondhand Items such as: used furniture, upholstery, bed frames, mattresses, box springs, and clothes (if clothes are brought home, then they should immediately be  place inside the clothes dyer in hot temperature)

– Get Rid Of Clutters: Bed bugs love small spaces, clutters, cracks and crevices. These are ideal places where they will hide. Getting rid of possible hiding spots can help rid of or prevent infestations.

– Sleep at home: One of the major contributing factors to the rapid spread of bed bugs across the world is through frequent travelers. As people travel and sleep in different hotels, homes, condos, inns, apartments, etc…they are prone to carrying bed bugs back to their homes through clothes, luggage, and etc.



Preventing Bed Bugs While Traveling:

It is highly recommended by many professional pest control operators to carry along luggage sprays when traveling.

Some recommended sprays would be: Bedlam, Steri-Fab, Rest Easy, and Rest Easy Luggage Spray

Other Tips:

  • Inspect cracks and crevices on mattresses, box springs, and pillow case linings.
  • Especially pay attention mattress seams and bedding for evidence of bed bug feces, eggs, or bloodstains.(Cluttered spaces attract and create potential hiding spots for bed bugs)
  • Clothes should not be left on top of the bed or on any surfaces where an infestation may be present.
  • Keep all luggage fully zipped to prevent entrance into suitcase or duffel bag.
  • Elevate all luggages on top of a luggage stand, tabletop or a hard surface; separated and away from the walls.
  • If there is an infestation, a sample should be kept and the hotel owner should be notified.
  • Upon arrival all luggage should be inspected and treated with necessary pesticides recommended for luggage treatment. Clothing should be placed directly into the washer and dryer. Use hot water to wash and dry in high temperatures.

Rest Easy Bed Bug and Insect Control for LuggageRest Easy Bed Bug and Insect Control for Luggage

Date: Thursday, 6. January 2011 16:17
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  1. 1

    i foun bugs on my bed but no bites and i only see the bugs at night help

  2. 2

    Hello, Its difficult to say whether or not it is a sign of a bed bug infestation. Have you tried to compare what the bug looks like to pictures online? Also, another good way to identify the bug is to tape it and put it inside a air tight sealed bag. Bring the bug that has been caught to an entomologist or a professional pest control management company. They will be able to help you identify the bug.

  3. 3

    What would be the best type of sofa material to buy to discourage or prevent bed bug infestation?
    Would it be leather or vinyl or some other fabric? What style sofa would be best to invest in to prevent bed bug infestation?

  4. 4

    Hello Dena Toussaint,
    Unfortunately, there is no “best type” of sofa. Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. Like the seed, bed bugs are flat and very small and so they can hide in virtually any crack or crevice. Regardless of if you purchase an upholstered sofa or a leather sofa, there is no real way to prevent bed bugs from hiding in the furniture. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  5. 5

    What can I use to get rid of any bed bugs on my sofa? I saw 1 last night come out from my refridge & I am freaking out. When I squished it It had a horribly sweet type odor I put it in a baggie to show someone maybe the board of health & please tell me what you would suggest to buy. Thanks!

  6. 6

    Hi Stormy,
    For pieces of furniture like the sofa or the bed, we recommend aerosol sprays like Bedlam Plus or Phantom Aerosol Spray. Keep in mind that even aerosol insecticides like these two products are not labeled as a broad application spray and cannot be sprayed all over the furniture. Instead, you will use the aerosol to target tight areas like the seams of the cushions and underneath the sofa. All treated areas must be avoided until the treatment has completely dried. Aerosol sprays generally have about a two week residual time so areas must be retreated every two weeks. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  7. 7

    We recently were treated for bed bugs in our bdrms and livingroom, is there anything we can do, to make sure we don’t have a recurrence with them? The exterminator used steri-fab to spray all materials and cb-80 to fog the place.

  8. 8

    Bed but treatment can be a tedious process. It usually requires more than one treatment and we highly recommend that you follow up on the treatments with a monitoring device such as Eco Keeper Bed Bug Monitor and Glue Trap. If you are continuing to see their activity we would recommend Bedlam Plus as a follow up treatment.

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