How to Get Rid of Drain Fly and Fruit Fly

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Drain flies go by a few names, moth and sewer flies are a couple of the monikers. Ranging from 1/16 to 1/4 of an inch, and colors from yellow to a brown/black, these abundantly hairy creatures can be a nuisance. They get their name from where they dwell and like to lay their eggs, preferring the gelatinous film that’s found in drains and sewers. When crushed, they leave behind a powdery smudge.

Fruit flies are small in comparison to other flies. Fruit flies are 1/8″ in length, including the wings. They’re easily distinguishable from other flies, as they have bright red eyes and their bodies are a light yellow to a tan color.  They are found most at late summer and early fall where they infest in harvest fruits.


Drain flies can be found in many moist and shady areas. As the name suggests, they also like to be near drains, but also bird feeders and baths and any other place where there may be an abundance of moisture. Fruit flies, on the other hand, are found throughout homes, warehouses, grocery stores, and decaying vegetation. Of course, they also like overripe fruit.



First and foremost, seeing as how these flies like drains, using a drain cleaner (DRAIN GEL) is highly reccomended. The gel is conducive to a drain, as it will break up whatever’s inside, removing their source of food. Following closely to the directions, pour the solution into the mouth of the drain. Unfortunately, there aren’t many pesticides that work well on the flies, and like most varieties, light traps are generally the best way to go. Light traps. This drain gel will break up the substances left in your drains causing drain flies not to have a source of food. Following the instructed amount on the label, you will pour the gel into the drain. Opening areas of buildings should have tightly fitted screen on windows and doors. You should also dehumidify excess moisture because flies are attracted to moisture. There are not many pesticides that you can use to control flies. You can use light traps (FLY-WEB-LIGHT,Gardner WS-85 Wall Sconce Fly Light), a basic fruit fly trap (VECTOR FRUIT FLY TRAP), non residual aerosol (V CLEAN-OUT FOGGER 6 OZ., ALPINE AEROSOL), liquid spray (LambdaStar 9.7% CS, ARCHER IGR – 1 PINT)  a hand sprayer (CHAPIN 1 GALLON SPRAYER) and bait (MAXFORCE GRANULAR FLY BAIT).

Fly traps utilize a UV lamp that attracts the flies and other flying insects. They’re easy to mount on a wall, as well. When using the aerosol, you’ll need to treat the windows and doors to kill the flies on contact. Liquid sprays should be used outside, but only with the amount that’s instructed on the label. Spraying outside of the home is the best practice here, such as fence wires and garbage cans. When concerning the bate, it’s a little different, as it doesn’t treat very large of an area. In this case, water soluble granule is the trick. Mixing the water and the bait makes it a solution, one that’s effective when killing the drain and fruit fly.

FLY-WEB-LIGHT Gardner WS-85 Wall Sconce Fly Light
Fly Web Light Gardner WS-85 Wall SconceFly Light
Vector Fruit Fly Trap
V-Clean Out Alpine
LambdaStar 9.7% CS ARCHER IGR - 1 PINT
LambdaStar Archer IGR

These products can be used with this item:

Chapin 1 gallon Sprayer

Date: Thursday, 14. January 2010 18:15
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  1. 1

    Good fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

  2. 2

    You are welcome!

  3. 3

    I have had these drain flies for two years and they come back every summer. I live in a rental unit and the landlord told me that I am responsible for the pipe. I called a reputable pest place and they informed me that nothing works unless you get professional help. How true is that? I can’t afford three hundred dollars. Tonight I am going to bomb the place with some fogger. I hope this works they are everywhere and I have two babies and a eleven year old. HELP.

  4. 4

    Hello Nicole,

    For drain flies, it’s alright to use a fogger if they are the ones the fly.
    If you are going to go through with the treatment, the room being treated should be evacuated.
    All the windows and doors should be left closed.
    Let the room sit for an hour after fogging, and then ventilate the room for about 2 hours after you re-enter.
    You can also use the Drain Gel for drain flies.

    About your other question. It depends what kind of pest control company they are.
    If they are really professionals, they should have a long tube camera to stick down your drain.
    They would have to inspect and treat the inside of your drain.
    If they just come in and spray or pour drain gel, $300 is definitely not worth it.

  5. 5

    i have loads of tiny flies that startwed in my kitchen they seem to follow me and are laying eggs in my hair what can i do to stop this

  6. 6

    Hi Tracie,
    I wonder if they are flies or really what pest they are…I don’t know of any that will lay eggs in human hair and I’m not sure if it is biologically possible for pests to do so since they usually require strict environments to lay eggs. You may want to take some samples to a local entomologist at a nearby university. High powered and magnified microscopes help entomologists look at and study the sample so that they can identify the pest. Once you identify the pest, we can help you eradicate them.

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