How to Get Rid of German Cockroach

German Roach, how to get rid of


Cockroaches are one of the most common pests. They have an incredible ability to adapt to almost any environment. However they prefer to settle in moist and warm areas, commonly hiding in cracks and crevices. Cockroaches are mostly active during the night. Out of the 5 most commonly known species of cockroaches in the United States including German, American, Oriental, Brown-Branded, and Smokey Brown roaches, the German cockroach is the most common critter to infest insides of the home.

German cockroaches are pale to medium brown with two dark stripes on the surface of the prothorax and they are 1/2-5/8′ long. They can be brought into the home when they are just eggs through luggage if you went on a vacation and carried on vegetables, beverage cartons, grocery bags, and food carts. German cockroaches can consume anything. They are nocturnal and live close to their food source in moist areas. They cannot survive outdoors. German cockroaches can be found in kitchens and bathrooms, etc.


Cockroaches like to be in places that are warm and moist. They can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces, bathtubs, clothes hampers, drains, pipe chases, sewers, steam tunnels, dumps, mulch beds, ceilings, walls, behind pictures, in lights, appliance motors, furniture, firewood, around doors, windows, ventilation ports, under eves, cracks and crevices, weep holes, chimney area, gutters, and attics.

Control Methods

For indoor treatment, this treatment is most of the time treated against German cockroaches because they live in your home. We recommend that you use gels ( MAXFORCE FC MAGNUM ROACH BAIT, ADVION ROACH BAIT GEL ), baits (ADVION ROACH BAIT STATIONS, MAXFORCE ROACH BAIT STATIONS ), and aerosol (565 Plus Xlo, GENTROL AEROSOL (IGR)). However you can also use liquid sprays (ARCHER IGR, LambdaStar 9.7% CSFenvaStar EcoCap). You will apply the gel on the corners of the kitchen, in the cracks of appliances (refrigerators, microwaves, stove fans, etc.), under counters, cabinets, and sinks, and other small openings where cockroaches can enter. Place the bait station in places where they can hide. Place the stations adjacent to walls and corners, under appliances. You can place the granular insect bait inside the bait tray and place them where cockroaches are commonly seen. You can even hang them onto walls if you need to. Do not place a bait in places where it has been sprayed with a pesticide and do not spray on them. Do not place them where children and pets can reach. Before applying gels and baits, clean the surrounding areas first to get better results. Using aerosol or liquid spray, apply around door and window frames and walls, behind furniture, etc.

Maxforce FC Roach Gel Advion Roach Gel Alpine Cockroach Gel
Advion Roach Bait Maxforce Roach Bait


565 Plus Xlo Contact Insecticide Pest Control 20oz Can GENTROL AEROSOL (IGR) alpine
565 Plus Xlo Gentrol IGR Alpine
ARCHER IGR - 1 PINT LambdaStar 9.7% CS FenvaStar EcoCap
Archer IGR LambdaStar FenvaStar

These products can be used with this item:

Chapin 1 gallon Sprayer
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Date: Thursday, 7. January 2010 18:12
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  1. 1

    We have been helping a young girl from a underprivileged neighborhood and just found out that her mother has a major roach infestation. She stays at our house on and off and recently just realized that she brought them with her to our home. I have had a professional come out to treat our home. It is 4000 square ft plus and I have had him out 3 times in 2 weeks because I keep seeing new ones. Can I over spray? Is it dangerous? I just am itchy reading these posts. Also she has bags of clothes that have roaches in them. We had them 50 feet from the house in a small outdoor trailor and had the professional spray in there too. If the clothes are washed in hot water does it kill all the eggs and bugs? My children and husband are furious. They do not want her coming back, even though we are all fond of her and her baby. How can I protect our house from her when she visits. (We are still seeing random ones around, and it has been two weeks with professional, baits, spray, hanging strips you name it. Both professionals said I do not have a problem and that it looks like very few roaches, but 1 is too many for me. They tried to spray to see if there were nests and they both said there weren’t any and that I needed to be patient. Isn’t two weeks patient? Should I still be seeing 1-2 every day to every other day?
    I feel horrible not having her visit to help her with baby but I can not take a chance at reinfestation when I haven’t even gotten rid of the first problem. (We even had to have all our cars sprayed because we moved her and had her bags in car. Once we were loaded she told us not to bring babies clothes in house due to “critters”
    and that is how I found out I had roaches. I stayed up at night to see if there were any in the kithen and sure enough I saw several. Let me tell you my family and other “foster kids” were very angry. We emptied all our cubbards and it was 3 days of preparation for the professionals. Once here they said we didn’t need to do all that because he couldn’t find any signs of them except that I kept one for him to see. Sorry for the rant . I am exhausted from cleaning every night.

  2. 2

    Hi Gail,

    Sorry to hear about the roach problem you are having. The size of the infestation will have a role in how soon you will be able to eradicate the infestation. Washing the clothes in hot water will be very effective in making sure they are not in your clothes. I would recommend keeping some gel baits on hand such as Sygenta Advion Cockroach bait gel or Maxforce FC Magnum. When placing baits, you will need to make sure there are no competitive food sources near by. Good luck with your treatment.

  3. 3

    I have Maxxthor SC (Bifenthrin 7.9%) that i used for ants and it says it works for German cockroaches as well. Does it and how long of the shelf life this product has? The manufacture date is in 2010

  4. 4

    Generally chemicals have a good shelf life of a few years (2-3 years). Bifenthrin is an active ingredient which targets a wide range of pests so it should be effective against German Roaches as long as the targeted pest is written on the product label.

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