How to Get Rid of Gopher

Gopher-PestControl-1The gopher is a burrowing creature that gets their name from their checks or pouches that they use for storing their food or nesting materials. They’re a creature perfectly equipped for digging, featuring strong forequarters, large front claws, and fur conducive to digging — even in wet soil.

Their whiskers are perfectly suited for digging in the dark, and their teeth are just as well suited, as their large front teeth actually assists their digging efforts. Gophers range pretty widely in size, from 5-14″ long.




Getting rid of a gopher can be a daunting task, and it’s not one of the easiest things to do, especially considering the extensive tunnels that they can build underground. One of the only chances that a person has at successfully eradicating a gopher problem is to use traps, those that have been proven to work by professionals in the pest control industry.


Finding a gopher hole is something that a person will have to do if they want to handle the problem, and fortunately, it’s not one of the hardest tasks. The gopher hole can be several hundred feet and length, but are easily identifiable by the soil that they have to push up to the surface. Under close inspection, a person can find a gopher hole by examining their yards and looking for fan-shaped holes.



More often than not, a person will have to use a trap to get rid of the gopher(s). Hopefully, you’ll catch the gopher as it is navigating their tunnel, and will be able to free them a few miles away from their home. Keep in mind, if the distance isn’t great enough, they’ll find their way back. Ideally, you’ll be able to locate the main gopher tunnel and set the trap correctly. The proficient (Live Animal Trap (Armadillos, Stray cats, Groundhogs, Gopher, Woodchucks, Raccoons and Opossums)- Large) trap is one that’s used by professionals, one that has worked wonders, as well as being one that’s easy to set. Finding the main tunnel will require a sharp stick or rod, and once that’s done, use a shovel that will accomodate the trap. Remember, be sure that there isn’t too much air getting through the tunnel, as the gopher will not use the tunnel if there is an abundance of air flow. After the trap is set, assure that it is secure by using stakes and wiring.

Live Animal Trap (Armadillos, Stray cats, Groundhogs, Woodchucks, Raccoons and Opossums)- Large
Live Animal Trap (Armadillos, Stray cats, Groundhogs, Woodchucks, Raccoons and Opossums)- Large

Smoke Bombs:

For the person who isn’t very comfortable with the use of a trap, there’s another solution. The smoke bomb (GIANT DESTROYER SMOKE BOMBS (PACK OF 4) is something that’s used to scare the gopher, and it has worked for many different people in the past. What makes the smoke bomb a good way to go would have to be the ease of use. If a person can find the fan-shaped tunnel of a gopher, they’ll have a pretty good chance of eliminating their gopher problem. While it won’t kill them, they’ll certainly find another place to live. Probe the ground 15-18″ from the mound with recent activity, and once found, dig down a bit, making sure that it isn’t blocked off with dirt. Create a hole large enough to insert the bomb, and once placed, close off the opening. Light the fuse and insert it — fuse first. Immediately cover up the opening, allowing the fuse enough air to breath. Be sure that none of the gases escape, and treat all other mounds in the same fashion.

Giant Destroyer Smoke Bombs

Date: Thursday, 14. January 2010 15:20
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    I caught my first gopher in a live trap, and took him down to a park to release him. We live rural so, it isn’t difficult to find a place to release Mr. Gopher. My Husband made the live trap from some directions we got on line. The secret is they really like fresh sprouts, I use some lettuce sprouts. He took to it hook, line and sinker. Being vegan, we were glad to spare his life, but also glad to get rid of him to save our trees and roses. We just moved to our new home two years ago, so our trees and rose are very young, and just starting grow. I have a jpeg of the gopher in the trap, if you would like to see him just email us.

  2. 2

    First off, thank you very much for getting rid of your gopher in a humane way! I’m so glad to hear that. That’s also very amazing that you were able to create a live trap with your own hands; your husband must be quite the handyman! Thank you for the tip on gopher bait too! I’m sure many people would be glad to know that lettuce sprouts are a great gopher bait.

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