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Mud Daubers are about ½ inch to 1 inch in size and have a distinct slender or threadlike waist. Mud Daubers get their name from their mud constructed nests. They are solitary wasps and do not live in colonies nor are they defensive over their nests like other paper wasps or social species.


Mud Dauber Nest, TubeMud Daubers usually select sheltered areas to build their mud constructed nests. Common nesting areas would be under eaves, porch ceilings, garages, sheds, barns, and attics.


Mud Daubers can be seen as beneficial insects because they help control the caterpillar and spider population in the area. However they can still be a nuisance for others who may suffer from wasp allergies or when the Mud Dauber nests are placed near entrances with high pedestrian traffic. When treating the nest we recommend using a product like Wasp Freeze or Stingray Wasp Spray which will jet out about 20 feet so you can spray the nest from a safe distance. After treating the nest we highly recommend you remove the nest to prevent future infestations.

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Date: Thursday, 7. January 2010 15:35
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    My lawn and garden is infested with ground nesting bees that resemble honey bees but are probably “digger bees”. They started building their mounds in our flower beds and now have taken over my garden and are nesting in the lawn also. This started about 4yrs. ago with a few mounds when the honey bee population was low but now they have completely taken over the flower beds, my garden area and spread to the lawn. How can I get rid of them? There are thousands of mounds.

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    I am very sorry to hear that. I would recommend any liquid insecticide with a long residual time.
    You would want to spray a generous amount so that the mud is soaked with the solution.
    If you happen to see any nesting areas, soak those areas as well.
    We recommend that you do this when the sun it not out, as bees are daytime creatures.
    Some products I could recommend for you would be Demand CS, Masterline Bifenthrin 7.9, or Suspend SC.

    Be careful and good luck!

  3. 3

    Would someone please help me get rid of these mud daubers! My house looks like a vacation home for all mud daubers. I counted just at the front door entry, 26 mud blobs, and it looks terrible. I was told that there was a spray you put on during certain times of the year, and that the color of the house had something to do with them? Help! I can’t stand it, and knocking them down leaves marks.

  4. 4

    Wow, that sounds so frustrating!! The good thing about mud daubers is that they rarely sting. They are not very aggressive insects, stinging only when they are handled. I don’t think that the color of the house has a lot to do with attracting solitary wasps. There are sprays available like PT Wasp Freeze Aerosol . The best time to treat is at night or before the sun rises, bees and wasps have virtually the same activity cycle as people do! I hope the freeze spray works for you! Good luck!

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    The best way I have gotten rid of them is with water!. I foot spray from a nozzle and the mud washes away. Of course if you are worried about them stinging you do it while they are away. It’s always best to do it on the heat of the day. The water hose has been a very cheap and effective way for my family and my kids love doing it as well. I have white siding so yes if I was just to knock it down it would make a mess that’s why I grab for the hose and spray!

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    I have a mud dauber problem. They are living in my eves. All of them. Also my attic. All day I hear the buzzing noise. I can see the wasps flying into the outside walls of the house and crawling up the wall and under the eves. It seems the whole house permiter is covered with mud nest building wasps. Starting at 9:00 am I can hear the buzzing all over my house. I went into my garage and found 3-4 inch nests. I want them gone. Will their nests hurt my house and how do I stop them from coming back next year. This is the 3rd year, from March to Sept. product should I use. I have a two story house so I will need to apply the product on an extension ladder.

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    Hello Kristin,

    Mud Daubers are typically very solitary. Usually, once the eggs have hatched and young mud daubers have left the nest, they do not return. However, if the nests are left alone for a long period of time, it may be difficult to remove and can damage the surface of the wall. You can use a jet spray instant knockdown pressurized aerosol spray like Wasp Freeze or StingRay to kill wasps and other flying, stinging insects on contact. After you are sure they have been killed, you can remove their nests with a flattened tool that can be purchased in a local hardware store.

  8. 8

    My house has cedar with grooves – daubers just love to get in these grooves and build nests. I have a lot to get rid of – what is the cheapest way and can I build a trap for them – any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  9. 9

    Hi Louise Jones,
    Mud Daubers are typically not social insects and will not fly in groups or colonies. We recommend Wasp Freeze or Stingray insecticide which is a instant knockdown agent and a jet spray so that you can safely spray them from a distance. Once you are able to kill the adult mud dauber, you should get rid of the nest that it has built on the surface. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

  10. 10

    will a wasp trap work to catch mud daubers?

  11. 11

    Hi Lisa A,

    Mud daubers are solitary and may not be attracted to normal wasp traps. Instead, we recommend killing the mud dauber with a wasp freeze that will deliver an instant knockdown kill. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

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    Ugh!!! Dirt daubers are getting in my house…. I’m killing abou 2-3 a day!!! How can I keep them out of the house?!

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    Signs of Mud Daubers can indicate a decent spider population around that area because they prey on spiders and keep them in their mud homes for their larvae to feed on. Using a residual product like Demon WP and spraying around the perimeter of your home is a great way to start treatment. You will also have to spray their nests. For their nests you can use a product like Wasp Freeze which knocks wasps down in seconds. Good luck with your treatment!

  14. 14

    Mud Daubers are getting into my apartment all the time! I think their nest is underneath my windowsill because I see them crawling in there all the time. I sprayed the area with the Raid Wasp and Hornet spray and had did some caulking around the window but I still have them getting inside! I can’t get to the nest to remove it but will they return next summer?

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    Hi Sarah,

    Usually, mud daubers hatch and emerge from their nest around spring. Once they emerge, they usually do not return to their existing nest.
    As for the mud daubers you are dealing with now, you can try using PT Wasp Freeze, which is an instant knockdown and can jet approximately 15 feet.

  16. 16

    I have a metal shop with three ponds near by. In the last several years I have spent over $400 replacing electric motors and components on my equipment due to dobber nests. This year I completly eliminated the problem. I used an old aluminum foil baking pan (turkey size). I added about 2 inches of powdered local dirt to the pan. Next I mixed a gallon of water with malithion and permethian. I then used enough of the solution to make mud in the pan, with about 1 pint of free standing solution excess in the pan. I placed this pan in an open convienient location for the dobbers. Like magic 2 days later not a dobber left standing. This really works, and is inexpensive and easy. I add water and solutionto the pan about every 3 days. Besure to place the poisoned mud where pets and children connot access it.
    Keiv Brummett

  17. 17

    I have mud daubers getting into my tractor generators and my power saw motors which are stored in my workshop. They even build their mud nest on the tractor tires, steering wheels and tractor light lens. What can I do to stop this from happening ?

    Also what is the best way to remove this mud nest from the above mentioned problems and from the side walls of my house ( wood and brick walls ).

  18. 18

    There are few approaches you can take for mud dauber treatment. One of our customers in the past had success making mud with insecticide mixed in it for the mud daubers to use in building their nests. Of course in doing so you will have to try eliminating any competitive mud sources and put the custom made mud in areas easily available and accessible to the mud daubers. Spraying pesticides such as Suspend SC in corners of walls and other potential areas where they may begin to build their nests can also help reduce their numbers in your area. It is also important to keep the rest of the insect population under control through out the whole year. Spiders will feed on the insects living in the area and the Mud Daubers will feed on the spiders in the area. I hope this incite helped!

  19. 19

    I have a boat house on a lake in East Texas. We go sometimes maybe a month without going down there. The dirt dobbers build there nests on the ceilings, then drop into the boats. They also play havoc with building nest in the housing of outboard motors, and the electric motors that raise the boats out of the water. The electric motors are fastened to the ceilings of the boat house. This is where I really need to find a solution for control.

  20. 20

    Hi John, thanks for your post. I’m sure many other boat owners are probably going through the same issue with mud daubers. I would recommend using a fast knock down jet spray for wasps and hornets such as Wasp Freeze or Stingray jet spray. These jet sprays usually spray out about 15 feet so that you can treat the nest from a safer distance. I would also recommend treating before sunrise or after sun set because those are times where the wasps are back in their nests and less active. Continue to jet stream the insecticide along the entrance of the nest and you will begin to see the wasps drop to the floor as the fast reacting insecticide begins to shut down their system. After treating the nest you should leave the nest alone in case there were any stragglers you may have missed. Once you feel that the nest has been emptied, you will need to remove the nest to discourage them from re-infesting the same area.

  21. 21

    My garage is infested with mud daubers. They are inside boxes, on the walls, you name it. I am also infested with spiders so I am assuming that’s why the daubers are here. They don’t build nests anywhere but in my garage though.
    Thing is I never ever have seen one just their mud nests EVERYWHERE!
    I wouldn’t mind trying that pan of mud with insecticide in it but how much insecticide should I use? What I would really like though is to not have them build at all. It’s to the point now everytime I open a box or a bag there are several mud nests in them….driving me crazy!!

  22. 22

    This house sat empty for a year before we moved in an there are several mud dauber nest on the porch and many more in the garage and out building. My question is, there are black bugs or something that bites in the house in the carpets. Could this be the mud daubers also? They are just blacks specks, but they bite hard. There is also another bug that looks like a ladybug but its black. What is that and could it be those in the carpet? How do I get rid of the problem cause they hurt when they bite. please help thanks

  23. 23

    It seems like you will need to try to control the overall insect population in your area. General pest treatment will help reduce the spider population which will then help reduce the mud dauber population as well. For general pest treatment I would recommend Suspend SC. Once you remove the mud dauber nest, I would recommend spraying the Suspend SC on top of the surface to prevent re-infestations in the same area.

  24. 24

    after u kill the dirt dobber’s how do u control the infestation of spider’s? they r my phobia!

  25. 25

    You will need to follow up with a perimeter treatment for the general pests in that area. I would recommend a product such as the Suspend SC.

  26. 26

    The black bugs that are biting inside the house are most likely going to be fleas. The black lady bug looking things are probably going to be kutzu bugs. They are a species of stink bugs. It sounds like you may need to spray around your home for general pest control. I would recommend Talstar Pro.

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