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Pillbugs are known as roly-poly because they are able to roll into a tight ball and roll around to places while they are in a ball shape. Pillbugs need moisture to survive, so in a hot day, they will stay under objects on a damp ground and will only move around when the temperatures drop in the evenings. Pillbugs eat decaying organic matter and young plants and their roots. The adult pillbugs are about 1/4 – 5/8′ long; they have convex above but flat or hollow beneath. They are gray and have 7 pairs of legs.


They can be found anywhere with moisture usually around flower bed mulches, grass clippings, leaf litter, rotting boards, trash, rocks and pet droppings. They can found in your homes in damp basements and crawl spaces



  1. Remove any objects that hold moisture (i.e. wood debris, rocks, grass clippings, and leaf litter and any other debris from the structure walls, doors, basements windows).
  2. Firewood should be stored off the ground and away from your house.
  3. Flower beds should not be overly mulched.
  4. Properly ventilate the basement and crawl spaces to get rid of extra moisture
  5. Repair and seal any cracks and openings in the wall of your home, doors, and around basement windows.
  6. Get rid of standing water and moist areas near the entry.

Liquid spray (LambdaStar 9.7% CSFenvaStar EcoCap) using a hand sprayer (CHAPIN 1 GALLON SPRAYER), granular (BIFEN GRANULES , TALSTAR PL GRANULAR ) using a hand spreader (HANDLE SPREADER), aerosol (D- FORCE HPX), and dust (DELTA DUST) using a duster (BELLOW BULB DUSTER) can help control pill bugs. Generally pillbugs live outdoors and travel inside, so you will have to treat outdoors first to prevent them from coming into your home.

Using liquid spray (LambdaStar 9.7% CSFenvaStar EcoCap) with a hand sprayer that has a mist nozzle (CHAPIN 1 GALLON SPRAYER) you will spray using the instructed amount on the label. You will have to spray your whole entire lawn, large turfs, and other landscapes (i.e. rocks, flower beds) uniformly.

Using granules (BIFEN GRANULES, TALSTAR PL GRANULAR) you will use the appropriate amount and spread the granules using a hand spreader (HANDLE SPREADER) uniformly on your lawn. Remember to irrigate your lawn to activate the granules. For indoor treatment, you will use liquid spray (LambdaStar 9.7% CSFenvaStar EcoCap), aerosol ( D- FORCE HPX), and dust (DELTA DUST).

Pillbugs can enter your home through windows and doors, even cracks and crevices. Using the liquid spray (LambdaStar 9.7% CSFenvaStar EcoCap), use the appropriate amount and spray using a hand sprayer with a pinpoint nozzle ( SPRAYER); spray around window and door frames and into cracks especially in areas that consist of high moisture (i.e. basement and crawl spaces).

Using aerosol (CY-KICK AEROSOL), you will just spray the aerosol around the door frames, under appliances, window frames, and into cracks as well. Dust (DELTA DUST) using the amount instructed on the label into the duster (BELLOW BULB DUSTER) and apply to cracks and crevices of your home in which the pillbugs may enter your home.

LambdaStar 9.7% CS FenvaStar EcoCap    
LambdaStar FenvaStar    

These products can be used with this item:

Chapin 1 gallon Sprayer
Bifen Talstar PL

These products can be used with these items:

Handle Spreader  
Handle Spreader  
CY-Kick D-Force  

This product can be used with these items:

Bellow Bulb Duster  

Date: Wednesday, 13. January 2010 14:17
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  1. 1

    These “Sow Bugs” are destroying my Iris! They eat the entire risome. The Iris start disapearing without any sign of damage. When I tried to transplant few remaining plants I discovered them. The risome was hollow,had small holes all over the outside & fully infested with Sow Bugs living in the hollow root & feeding on adjacent risomes.

  2. 2

    Hello Veronica,
    Sow bugs are particularly attracted to moist areas. Of course around plant beds, moisture is something that is difficult to avoid. If you have ornamental plant beds, you can use products like Lambdastar 9.7 or Suspend SC. You must retreat the outside every 3-4 months.

  3. 3

    These bugs are destroying my lawn…help!!!

  4. 4

    Hello De borah,
    We recommend that you use Bifen Granules as a broad spectrum application on your lawn. It’s a contact kill insecticide that has a residual of about 3 months. After application, it should be irrigation for a faster activation. However, it is not mandatory that it is irrigated because it will activate on its own after 24 hours. All treated areas should be avoided until after it has completely dried/activated. Always read the product label before applying any insecticide.

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