How to Get Rid of Raccoons



A racoon problem is a terrible problem to have. They’re known for their sneaky and craftiness, and in a home, they become Public Enemy Number 1. They’re about 24-46″ of annoyance, and are generally considered terrors because of how they raid garbage cans and wreak havoc on a lawn. They’ll eat many different things, ranging from fruits to frogs. They’re nocturnal creatures, and given the color of their fur, they’re practically impossible for a person to spot. While they do not come out during the day, there are a couple of exceptions, such as bad health. That being said, a human should NEVER approach the animal. They can carry any array of diseases.


Raccoons are found near garbage cans, attics, chimneys, and places below your porch.



  1. Cover your chimney.
  2. Make sure your roof is secure, make sure there’s no broken shingles or other places on your roof to access.
  3. Limit access to the roof; trim hedges and other foliage.
  4. Make sure your garbage cans are completely inaccessible for any creature.


Live Animal Trap is a pretty effective trap, one that doesn’t even kill the animal. There’s a plethora of different baits that you could use to insure that it works. Fish, bacon, vegetables, cat food, chicken parts, or corn are suitable baits.¬†¬†Once the raccoon is enticed by the bait, the door will slam close. The more traps, the better, as it heightens the chance of getting rid of your pest. Set the traps at obvious raccoon trails. Once captured, release the raccoon at least 10 miles away from the home.

Live Animal Trap (Armadillos, Stray cats, Groundhogs,gopher, Woodchucks, Raccoons and Opossums)- Large
Live Animal Trap


Date: Thursday, 14. January 2010 16:28
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  1. 1

    How do I identify a raccoon home? We are not sure if we have raccoons or skunks. We find holes dug in our gardens that occur during the night. They don’t seem to bother the vegetables in the garden, but they are digging and we have some very large earthworms and grubs in the soil. If we were to use the smoke bombs, are they really effective at keeping the animals away? Or do the traps work better?

  2. 2


    Raccoons usually prefer lakes, streams, marshes, and create their homes in the of hollow trees, rock crevices or logs, abandoned animal burrows for dens, and usually not under the ground. First, I would try and identify what kind of rodent it is, but I would need more details.

    For any type of rodent, though, that is under the ground, I would recommend smoke bombs (Giant Destroyer Smoke Bombs). It is the easiest and cheapest way, but if you do not wish to kill your pest, then I would suggest a trap (Havahart One-Door Groundhog Live Animal Trap).

    If you could give me more information about the disturbance of the pest, I would be able to better assist you.

  3. 3

    i think i have a raccon in the rafters and ceiling joist of my home we can hear them moving around. need someone to come and remove them out please help

  4. 4


    We are actually located in Atlanta, GA and we do service treatments for termites only. We do have live traps that might be of some assistance to you. We have the Havahart One-Door Groundhog Live Animal Trap if you just want to capture the racoon and let it free outside. If you want to kill the racoon, we have Live Animal Trap- Large Size. I would recommend a poison bait, but the clean up process would be very messy. The best method is to hire a local animal control company to come and remove the raccoon. I hope all turns out well.

  5. 5

    your website didnt help me at all yall dont give me instructions on anything to get rid of these raccoons and its not cool that yall aint helping

  6. 6

    Hello, I apologize if our blog didn’t help out in any way. You can feel free to give us a call at 1-800-788-4142 to speak to a representative that may better assist you. If you have any questions, you can always feel free to contact us via email as well at Thank you.

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