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Sometimes, we wonder really, where are all these bugs inside our house coming from? The truth is that they do not appear from thin air and don’t magically reproduce from the dust in your walls. These sneaky little critters have made their way inside your house, thinking that your home is the perfect long term hotel that provides them with all the necessary things they need for survival – food, water, and shelter. So what we want to make sure to tell you is that you have to be proactive in keeping the bugs out and our opinion is, and maybe many will agree, we’d rather keep them out in the first place than deal with them firsthand after they’ve already come inside.

Barricade Your Home

Create a fortress that the enemy cannot break into. All entry points should be sealed off and cracks and crevices into the home should be inspected. Some of the target locations that invite bugs are those huge cracks and crevices around door frames and window frames that bugs can easily squeeze into. Take some time to inspect around the house to check for cracks and crevices and even check the utility lines that enter the house. Also, one of the ways that bugs or other pests make their way onto your house is by tree or shrub branches. Branches that actually touch the side of the house or branches from trees that overhang above the roof actually make great bridges. Eliminate these bridges by regularly maintaining the shrubs and trees around your house.

Once you have done all this, you can also create a moat around your fortress – that is with the properly labeled pesticides. Imagine trying to cross a huge barrier of insecticide. Bugs might be able to make it onto the treated areas, but it won’t be long until they are contaminated with bug killer. A technique that we recommend, especially for some of those pesky crawling insects like ants and roaches, is to create a barrier of insecticide around the entire perimeter of the house. You can make a barrier by spraying about 4-5 feet up from the base of the structure and about 4-5 feet out from the base of the structure. This creates this outstanding L-shaped barrier around the entire perimeter of your house that no pest can escape. Don’t forget to treat the outside of window frames and door frames! Some of the best products we recommend for regular pest control treatments are Suspend SC, Talstar Pro, Lambdastar 9.7, and Demon WP. Because of the long residual, you’ll be able to maintain pests for months at a time and you’ll only have to reapply the treatment once every three months.

Not Nagging, But…Clean Your Room! 

Remember when our mom’s kept telling us, “Go upstairs and CLEAN YOUR ROOM!” Mom’s are smart! Too much clutter and crumbs everywhere can really be inviting to pests. Clutter makes for great hiding places and for some pests like silverfish, can be a great source of food too! Cockroaches and rodents will eat the same foods we do and won’t complain with the crumbs on the floor. In fact, ants, roaches, and rodents will thrive off of your trash. There’s no harm in throwing dinner parties or get-togethers at your place, just make sure that all the crumbs are picked up and the food and drinks aren’t left out.

Don’t make your home a hotel for pests. There are no vacancies at your house…just enough room for you, your family and NON-PEST friends! 🙂


For more information on some pesticides or tools to use to help you maintain your house so that it remains pest-free, feel free to send us an email at or call us at 1-800-788-4142.



Date: Wednesday, 26. June 2013 15:02
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