What You Shouldn’t Do with Bed Bugs

bed bug control, what not to do

To understand the infestation – BEFORE the treatment process

Many people will insist they have an infestation of bed bugs just by looking at new bite marks on their bodies. You should not assume that just any bite like mark on your body means that your home is infested with bed bugs. A physical sighting or sample of the adult bed bug or egg should be seen or caught to make sure that you have bed bugs. If you are unable or unknowledgeable to do your own inspection for bed bugs, professional pest management should be called to do a thorough inspection of your home. Bed bugs are known to be tiny specimens that can hide virtually anywhere, therefore, it will be very hard to see them on your own unless you know where you are looking.

Treating properly

If you know you are infested…

  • Try not to panic – Yes, bed bugs are a nuisance. And Yes, we understand there is a heavy taboo on bed bugs in recent times. However, with the careful use of the correct insecticides and patient and consistent treatment, bed bugs can be safely and fully eradicated.
  • Don’t throw away usable furniture – You don’t need to waste your money and throw away infested furniture. A common misconception is that all infested furniture must be thrown away. PestMall.com provides products like Bedlam Bedbug Insecticide Spray that can be sprayed onto the furniture. It is completely possible that all furniture can be cleaned and treated.
  • No Mix and Match – You should always be careful not mix infested clothing or items with non-infested items. Bed bugs can easily hide and move to and from any item that can carry them.

Thorough Treatment

Before applying any pesticide, you must understand what you are applying. This also means understanding all the risks that may be involved. The product label must be reviewed thoroughly before you apply the pesticide. A lot doesn’t always mean better. A planned schedule and treatment process will always be more effective than just randomly applying the pesticide or over-applying pesticides. Also, pesticides should not be applied to common spaces where the public will frequently come on contact with, for instance, the common lounge of an apartment building. This will prevent accidental medical traumas. If you know these areas are infested, the landlord or building manager should be notified so that they can make arrangements to have a professional pest management company come in to inspect and to treat accordingly. Do not use non-labeled materials to get rid of bed bugs. For instance, alcohol, will not effectively eradicate bed bugs. If bed bugs are listed on the product label and there is a valid Material Data Safety Sheet available for that product, then it may be good to use for treatment. Seek professional aid when you are selecting professional pest control products.

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Date: Tuesday, 22. November 2011 11:16
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  1. hopelessly helpless!!!
    Monday, 2. September 2013 23:19

    About a month ago we saw a bb in our home. We found out that a man who is staying with us, frequently visits and stays the night with a friend who has a severe bb infestation.we believe this is where they came from. The minute we saw the 1st bb we bombed the entire house. I also bought bb spray an we spray frequently, but we started seeing more so we checked the mattresses and couches and found them infested with the bbs and threw away all but 1 couch which we only saw about 5-6 bbs on and we completely sprayed it down. we are continuing to spray and have also recently bought powder bed bug killer (kinda like boric acid but says for bbs) which is supposedly long lasting. The number of bb we see at night now has tremendously decreased. we have seen only a couple but we have seen about 4-5 of them during the day (not every day, one here, one there over a few day period) in a diff room an we killed them all. none were filled with blood. what does that mean?? is the problem going away an is it normal to see ones in the day with no blood? are we slowly getting rid of our infestation threw consistency? also can you itch in the same place for a few days from the same bites or if you itch each day does it mean you got new bites? this problem does take a toll on your body an i have not got a good nights sleep in almost a month…are we doing the right things??

  2. 2

    The ones that are not filled with blood indicate that they have not fed yet. The reason why bed bug treatment is so tedious is because you have to continue to treat through their cycles. It appears that the pesticides you have been using are working. I would suggest that you continue with your treatment because it seems like new nymphs have been born. As far as itching goes and skin reaction, its hard to pin point an answer because everyone’s skin reacts differently. It sounds like you are taking the right measures, I think time will just have to play its part… good luck!

  3. 3

    I’m getting the first treatment this week how do you treat a pack and play just like the beds?

  4. 4

    For bed bug treatment I would recommend Bedlam Plus to spray as follow up treatment after your initial treatment. You can also use Bedlam Plus on your beds.

  5. 5

    My problem is that every time someone showers my granddaughters bedroom gets damaged with tons of bedbugs all over her bed.Her bedroom is attached to the bathroom, what is making them run to her room like that?

  6. 6

    Hi Kathy,

    This is such a unique situation that it may be best to have an expert come out and inspect the area. Its possible that bed bugs could be hiding in the wall void areas, but I’m not sure how that would correlate with water pipes and persons occupying the shower. I’m sorry we could not be much help, but please keep us updated! Hopefully your experience can help others who are possibly confused with similar situations. Good luck!

  7. 7

    I have been batlling bbs for 2 months and still haven’t seen a single sign besides bites. I’m certain they are bbs because my mother had them and she brought them to my house. I had the only pest control company in mytown inspect and treat twice. They didn’t find any bugs and only sprayed mattress and couch and livingroom carpet. I have been using de powder for a few weeks and I steam clean my bed and sofa every week and wash clothes on hot temp. Is this a mild infestation and should I have it under control by now?

  8. 8

    Bed bug control can be one of the most difficult treatments because it can take a long time to get the pests under control. Being consistent with the current treatment will continue to help effectively control the current problem. Using one of our bed bug kits may help speed up the process of treatment because there are different chemicals you can use in different areas for a thorough treatment. Continuing to battle with them even after 2 months is pretty normal, but if you are seeing a decrease in their numbers that would be a positive sign. Good luck on the treatment. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

  9. 9

    I have been having my house treated by professionals and it has now been 6 months and im still seeing them. had the dog come in Nov. and was told we had no bugs anymore and I have now seen to lives ones . what should I do about the Christmas gifts that have been purchased and left here since I was told I was bug free?

  10. 10

    I know your post is written under our bed bug column, but you mentioned your dog came in on November so I’m confused as to if you are having a bed bug problem or a flea problem. Most insects like to stay close to their food host, therefore there’s a chance you won’t have to worry about your presents, but its not a guarantee.

  11. 11

    I work in a hospital around patients that have bed bugs at times but we wear gloves and gowns and never seen one. I got two big knots on my right leg that throbbed, turned red and knots looked like blisters that leaked clear fluid. Felt infected and painful. I healed it with neopsporin, same thing happenrf to left leg two weeks later. A month later two bites on my arm and two big hard knots on my sides. I sleep on a couch dpwnstairs and daughtetr in her bed. She nevetr got bit. She sern bug on couch. Should I panic and throw the couches away.

  12. 12

    I would first inspect around the crack, crevices, and corners of the couch. If signs of bugs are present you can either discard the couch or use an insecticide to treat the area such as Bedlam.

  13. 13

    Great post.

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