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  • Decide the location for the pesticide application.
  • Find out which chemicals can or cannot be applied on mattresses and couches (sensitive areas where many people may frequently come in contact with often.)
  • Longer residual pesticides are not recommended for use on areas such as the mattresses, upholstery, and areas where people may come in direct contact with often
  • Different pesticides have different residual times, therefore it should be reapplied as needed for continual treatment.

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Date: Saturday, 22. January 2011 17:25
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  1. 1

    i just noticed i have bed bugs not in my bed but from a recliner i got,1st will they spread onto other furniture,i havent set up my bed yet but it is in the house,will rubbing alcohol kill them if not how can i rid them the cheapest way as im unemployed and broke,besides burning all my furniture,please help,thank you…matthew

  2. 2

    Hey Matthew. Yeah, you can definitely get bed bugs from any type of furniture, even recliners. With that said, it is totally possible that they can spread onto other furniture. They can hitch a ride on your clothes or whatever objects you carry. For instance, if you had a blanket on the couch that was infested and you carried that blanket to your room, they could have definitely traveled by hitching a ride on the blanket. Rubbing alcohol is NOT a good way to get rid of bed bugs. Granted, rubbing alcohol may drown a few of them, but that is a very short term control method and is not even guaranteed to get rid of them. Not only that but, it is unsafe to use. Phantom Aerosol is going to be the best for long term use. It has a longer residual time than almost all other aerosols which means even after it dries, it has a killing effect. Also, it is cheaper than liquid concentrates which will be cost efficient for you. The Eco Keeper traps are glue boards and it is an inexpensive alternative to other monitoring traps. I hope that helped! Good Luck Matthew!

  3. 3

    i just noticed one bed bud on a pillow and i have checked almost everything in the house and i havent found another. what should i do.

  4. 4

    Fast action will definitely help you get rid of the bed bugs faster. The first thing you will need to do is encase your mattress, box spring, and pillows with a bed bug/dust mite encasement. If you are lucky it may just end after the encasing. However just to be sure I would also take the next precautionary measures to spray the areas around my mattress with something such as Bedlam.

  5. 5

    I am so grossed out – I think I may have bed bugs – I noticed a couple odd looking bugs on my sofa – 1 looked like a mini beetle and the other resembled a bedbug red in color – in fact when i killed it – it looked like a blob of blood – the sofa was old so I have gotten rid of it – but noticed in the crevice on the back black spots and a couple bugs that looked dead (at least they didnt move when i moved the fabric) my problem now is I’m scared my home might be infested – we have no bites and not other evidence of them – how can I take precautions if they have laid eggs or if some live ones are still living in the walls or carpet etc – are they any other signs I should be looking for ???

  6. 6

    Hi Kate~

    In order for the bed bugs to molt to their next stage they need at least 1 blood feeding, therefore you will eventually begin to see their activity if you are infested. The best way to begin any treatment or precautionary treatment would be to encase all of your mattress and box spring. Bed bugs will usually be in areas with lots of human presence, therefore since you have gotten rid of the infested sofa, if there was to be any left behind they will move to areas where they can easily feed on their hosts. Usually these areas are bed rooms. Good luck with your treatment and let me know if you have any further questions. (:

  7. 7

    we recently found bedbugs in the corner of our box spring matress just in one corner. we threw away the matress and the boxspring, put all of our clothes that were on the floor and shoes in plastic bags and left them out in the sun for 1 day. we sprYED WITH INSECT KILLER AROUND AND VACCUMED. ARE THEY GONE?? I hAve recently seen just one bedbug.

  8. 8

    My husband works out of town so he stays in motels.He just called and told me that the motel where the company he wrks for is staying tht on the second floor is infested with bed bugs he is on the first floor.he has not seen nor has been bitten by any….but what about his luggage and cloths he is bringing home TOMORROW…..?I am scared for any kind of bug 2 be in my house.What can I wash his coths in and is there something I can spray his luggage with……?PLEASE HELP he will be home tomorrow

  9. 9

    My son recently moved into his 1st appt and now has found bedbugs on his bed skirt (already trashed) and bed frame what can we use to treat the bedroom including the carpet and remaining furniture prior to bringing in the new mattress, frame, and matress covers? I would like to purchase something effective and long lasting. Tku Londa

  10. 10

    Hi Arlene,

    It seems that you are taking the correct measures towards a successful bed bug treatment. If you happened to get a new mattress or box spring I highly recommend that you consider encasing both the mattress and box spring with an encasement to prevent possible re-infestation to the mattress and box spring. Although excessive heat will help get rid of bed bugs it will be hard to say that the heat from the sun will have completely gotten rid of the bed bugs inside the plastic bags that were left outside. Most professional grade concentrated liquid insecticides have a delay kill effect and therefore it is possible to see a couple stragglers but you should be okay (: Just get rid of any clusters and be consistent with your follow up chemical treatment. Good luck!

  11. 11

    Hello, I’m sorry for the late reply. Floor wise, its difficult to say. Bed bugs can travel via wall void areas so even though the second floor is infested, the first floor is just as likely to be vulnerable to a bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, he could possibly bring them home.

  12. 12


    For a thorough bed bug treatment, we recommend our bed bug kits of various sizes. Our kits include an aerosol, liquid concentrate, dust and IGR product. The aerosol can is used for intimate areas like furniture, mattress lining, head board, couch etc. The residual time is about 2-4 weeks, so you may want to follow up with a treatment after that time. The liquid concentrate is used for larger surfaces such as the base board of the room, surface around the bed, etc. The residual time is 3-4 months. The IGR is an insect growth regulator which prevents the bugs from reaching a state of maturity ready for reproduction. This will prevent the bugs from multiplying. The kit also includes a dust product that has a residual time of 5-6 months. This is restricted to areas of minimal contact like the wall void, under/behind furniture, hanging frames etc.
    The following is the link for the mentioned product http://www.pestmall.com/bed-bugs-kit-2-rooms.html

  13. 13

    good info… great music too

  14. 14

    Thank you (:
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

  15. 15

    i found bed bugs on my sons bed i believe we may have carried them from a friends house i dont know the first thing about bed bugs or any bugs and i dont have a lot of money i need help fast i dont want anymore than i can handle

  16. 16


    Bed bugs require various treatments according to the size of the infestation. Initially, you must check all areas in detail to see where they have infested. Common areas include mattress seams, base boards, etc. You may actually be able to see the bed bugs or you may discover blood spots and dark spots of feces. We carry various products such as sprays, liquid concentrates, IGRs, and dusts. The spray is used to treat intimate areas around mattresses, furniture, etc. They often have a residual of 2 weeks. The liquid concentrate is used for larger surfaces such as the base boards of the room; they have a residual of about 3-4 months. The IGR is an insect growth regulator which prevents the insect from reaching a state of maturity at which they are able to reproduce. The dust product is restricted to areas of minimal or no contact such as the wall void area, under/behind furniture, etc. The residual is about 5-6 months. All of the various products can be seen online on http://www.pestmall.com

  17. 17

    My son is traveling in S. America and has encountered bed bugs. What do I use on his clothing and suitcase when he comes home?

  18. 18

    Hello! You want to make sure that upon his arrival, all clothes are put in a hot water wash and hot dry. As for the luggage, you can spray a contact spray called Bedlam. You want to be thorough when you are spraying. Instead of doing a surface spray, you want to get to the seams, cracks and linings of the luggage bag and let it sit for a few hours. These kinds of precautions will prove to be effective in keeping the bed bugs out of the house when he comes home. I hope this helps you!

  19. 19

    Thank you!

  20. 20

    Me and my sister just found a bed bug on my pillow we killed it then looked trhough all of the bed for more we didnt find any… but what should we do to make sure there’s no more? Pleas help!!!

  21. 21

    Hi Linda! Unfortunately, bed bugs may be named bed bugs because they are most often found on the bed, but they are NOT limited to JUST the bed. They do remain close to their food source, but close can be as far as in the wall void, surrounding furniture in the room, in cracks and crevices of the corners of the room. You need to also check your head board, box spring, underneath the bed, and etc. If this is too difficult, you may want to consider getting an inspection by a professional pest control management company and then opt to do follow up treatments yourself, since it is expensive to continue treatment through professionals. Once you have a better idea of the size of your infestation, you can always call one of our technicians here at Pest Mall at 1-800-788-4142 or you can browse through our store to find the top products in bed bug control. Good luck Linda!

  22. 22

    Hello i bought me a new bed july of last year,the apartments complex where i stay has an history of bedbug infestation.i have been getting bite and also checked my bed everyday.Recently i have came home from out of state and my bed has became infested with bedbugs,i was only gone for 2weeks and the mattress and boxspring has them what should i do? The bed is New and i don’t want to throw it away.

  23. 23

    Hello Myeesha,
    Since you live in an apartment complex, it is possible that you have become infested with bed bugs from a neighbor. You have to do wall void treatment which is treating the restricted area in between the walls of each room and apartment. You can use a dust product for areas like that. For your bed and home however, you need a spray as well as an IGR. Consider purchasing a bed bug kit! Our Bed Bug Kits have all the products you need for both the wall void treatment, as well as treatment for your room. For directions on how and where to apply each product, just give us a call at 1-800-788-4142. We can also tell you the behavior of bed bugs and what you may need to do in order to get rid of your infestation.

  24. 24

    I had an exterminator come into my studio condo a several months ago to inspect for bed bugs. He sprayed my condo and put special feet underneath each leg of my bed frame to catch the bugs. I encased BOTH my boxspring as well as my mattress with high end/high quality mattress protectors. I have gone a long time without any problems. Recently I saw a bed bug on my bathroom wall. I killed it and flushed it down the toilet. I cam home tonight and did my usual weekly search, and found more bed bugs and bed bug feces on my mattress and box spring. There is information all over about how to handle them when you first find them, but I am SO LOST and with no guidance as to what to do when I find them AGAIN in my condo, even after I have protected my mattress. HELP PLEASE!!

  25. 25

    Hi Katie,
    Unfortunately, it seems like at least 2 bed bugs managed to escape and reproduce in hiding without you knowing. This is the most annoying thing about bed bugs. You can choose to call in your exterminator again, but ask him to apply a dust such as Pyganic dust or Alpine dust along the cracks and crevices in your walls as well as electrical sockets, wall voids, behind wall mountings, etc. If you don’t want to hire the exterminator again, feel free to check out one of our bed bug kits that include liquid, dust, and aerosol insecticides as well as IGR’s. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck!

  26. 26

    I just noticed bed bugs in my daughters room for the last month she was waking up with bug bites all over her what can i do i found them on the wall above her crib in the corner of the wall i dont know how bad i have them what is the cheapest way to get rid of them

  27. 27

    Hi Debbie,
    First, detach your daughter’s crib from any surrounding walls by at least 1 ft and encase her mattress and box spring (and even her pillow if you want to go the extra mile). Next, purchase glue traps or trappers to place under the legs of her crib so that bed bugs have a harder time climbing onto her crib. Then, purchase a professional-grade pesticide such as Phantom and Gentrol IGR to use around the walls and areas where you saw the bed bugs. You can also purchase Sterifab to use on her bed directly or Bedlam to spray around the seams of her mattress.

  28. 28

    My husband found bed bugs in our bed, we don’t have much money what can we do on are own. Home remendies.

  29. 29

    Hello Veronica,
    Bed bugs require chemical treatment for a complete control. One of our bed bug kits is a money saver. Consider the Bed Bugs Lite Control Kit. It is a chemical product and it also comes with an IGR which is an insect growth regulator and will dramatically control the reproduction of bed bugs. If you have any questions, you can always give us a call at 1-800-788-4142.

  30. 30

    I own a couple of properties. 1 of my tenants called saying that her son and her niece went 2 da doctor bc of bites all over their legs. The doctor said it’s bed bug bites. So… She says that I have to call some1 to get them out. This lady has been living there for 5 years. They were not there when she moved in. So she brought them there. Am I responsible? Do I have 2 pay 2 get rid of them? Oh she lives on da second floor of a 3 family house will they go up 2 da 3rd floor or down 2 da 1st? Help me please I’m clueless.

  31. 31

    As far as bed bugs moving around in one building, it is totally possible for them to move from floor to floor by accessing the wall voids as a means of travel. And for the matter of who is responsible, that would have to be taken up with a lawyer or attorney or with your client specifically. It really depends. Many landlords will take charge or responsibility and others will have already stated in their contract of the specifics before the owner of the room moves in.

  32. 32

    Your web site has been very helpful and I plan on buying products to get rid of the bedbugs. I’m concerned about how harmful are the products to household animals; such as cats? Also I have lung damage & use an oxygen machine. Will the fumes be harmful to me?

  33. 33

    If you have pets and children, most of the liquid products like the aerosol sprays or the concentrate sprays are safe only after the treated area has completely dried. However, we do worry about you and the fumes. Of course, you can always have someone else treat your home for you and you may ventilate the area before reentry. Always review the product label and the MSDS label thoroughly before the use of any insecticide. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call!

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