How to Kill Fire Ants The Right Way

Fire ants are one of the most frustrating ant species that can invade a home, recreational area, or etc. This is mainly so because of their natural predatory tendencies. Fire ants are known for their painful bites that can lead to potential health risks. Fire ants actually remain active all year long; however, with peak activity seasons, many people won’t even know that they are there until their colonies are well established and their mounds are readily visible in the spring. Being negligent with fire ant control can mean that you will struggle to control their populations the during their peak activity seasons. Make sure you gain the upper hand in preparation for a stress-free and fire-ant free spring season.

Fire Ant Treatment

There are two basic tactics in fire ant control that will effectively help you get rid of the fire ants from your yard which are direct mound treatment and a broadcast bait treatment. Depending on the size of the yard or lawn, treatments may vary. For instance, a broadcast lawn treatment may be more effective for larger areas and for smaller areas, a direct mound treatment for visible mounds will be more effective. Of course, for a severe infestation, the two methods of control can be utilized in conjunction so that you can gain a complete control of the fire ant infestation.

• Broadcast Treatment: Broadcast treatment is the most known method of treatment against fire ants. Usually, that requires a granular bait and a handle or powered spreader. It is important that when you are spreading the bait, you use a new spreader that is used specifically for the ant bait. In other words, do not use the same spreader that you used to fertilize your lawn. This is important because the scent of the fertilizer will cover or distort the scent of the baits. Ultimately, the fire ant granule baits become ineffective or extremely hard to find by the ants.

maxforce-fc-fire-ant-bait Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait Granular
• Mound Treatment: Mound treatment is really necessary when there are mounds that are stubborn or hard to get rid of.

Community Treatment Plans

Often times, it becomes very frustrating to know that, although you have implemented all the right treatment tactics, the fire ants still return. This is primarily because fire ants are able to travel from one yard to another just to survive or forage for food. The behavior of the fire ants when they move from yard to yard can make fire ant control a frustrating and difficult task. However, if you involve others to implement the same type of control during the same time as you are starting control, you may have better outcomes. By teaming up with surrounding neighbors, you can optimize control methods and attack the fire ants without giving them room to escape to other lawns. Work together to tackle the neighborhood fire ant infestations.

Safety and Thoroughness

All insecticides are labeled. It is a federal law to apply insecticides only in the manner that it was labeled. By following the directions closely and thoroughly, you are able to protect yourself as well as the environment. Often times, misuse of the product can lead to potential harm of not just the people and pets that are in that area, but also the environment. Also, all protective gear must be worn while applying any type of bait or insecticide. Only use certain methods of treatment when they are necessary and remember to review all labels.
Moreover, do not give up. By continuously attacking their colony, you are ultimately weakening the source. Start a fire ant control program and continue to follow up with regular treatments. By having an organized and consistent control program, you will be able to see fewer ants in the following season.

Date: Tuesday, 13. September 2011 11:23
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