Fire Ants

Fire Ant

Many people believe that Fire Ants are only one type of ant. That is a common misconception. There are over 280 known species all over the world! Some other names include the Tropical Fire Ant, Aka-kami-ari in Japan, and Feuermaeise in German.

To start off, in order to identify a fire ant, you should know what they look like. There are three main parts to a fire ant: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. With those include three pairs of legs and of course, the antennae. So how could a person distinguish a fire ant from another ant? Well, fire ants have copper-brown colored bodies, and their heads are the same color, as well, while their abdomens are a darker color. Worker ants can have a color range anywhere from black to red and usually are .12 to .24 inches long.

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Though they’re very small, never underestimate the power a fire ant’s sting. Fire ants, unlike most ants, use their jaws to latch on to their targets and then sting from the abdomen releasing a toxic alkaloid venom, known as Solenopsin. If you’ve ever been stung by one of these ants, you’ll notice that the infected area will begin to burn and will eventually form a blister after a couple days. Fire ant venom is quite irritating, but it does not present great danger. Itching and burning may occur but any external skin treatments containing Aloe Vera should do the trick. Just spread the treatment around the infected area, and it should feel better. If someone is stung by a fire ant and has an allergic reaction, it should be cared for immediately. Anyone who is allergic may experience nausea, severe perspiration, severe chest pain, serious swelling, and a loss of breath. Remember, if you believe someone is having an allergic reaction, seek professional medical treatment immediately.

Watch where you walk! If a fire ant mount is disturbed, you can find yourself being engulfed by the ants which will all be stinging simultaneously. Their mounds look like soil deposits on the surface which may be as tall as three feet, but underneath the ground, their mound can be as deep as eight feet.

When it comes to human health and property damage, fire ants can be categorized as one of the worst pests in the United States. Because of their aggressive nature, fire ants are some of the most contentious and damaging pests a person could come across.

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Date: Saturday, 2. January 2010 16:05
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