Bed Bugs Diet / Symptoms

Bed Bug Diet and Symptom

Bed Bug Diet/Bites:

Bed bugs are most active during dawn. They are attracted by warmth and to the presence of carbon dioxide.  Much of their feeding occurs before sunrise. However there have also been observed to feed throughout the day at any time when given the opportunity, which generally occurs during heavier infestations.

Bed bug bites look very similar to that of mosquito bites. Sometimes their bites can be distinguished by its unique biting patterns which are in rows or clusters. Many refer to it as their ‘breakfast, lunch, and dinner’.

Bed bugs have piercing mouth parts made of two tubes. One side of the tube injects an anesthetic like saliva into the host to prevent the host from feeling any pain or discomfort during feeding.

Although bed bugs are known to survive without a food source for over 18months, they usually seek after a blood meal about every 5-10 days.

Bed bug bite symptoms:

Bed bug bites may not be immediately noticed. Generally, their bites are felt after several minutes to several hours later.

Symptoms may vary depending upon the individual. A common symptom is red welts and itching. Some may even have little or no reaction to the bed bug bites. The red welts may be a result of an allergic reaction to their anesthetic saliva.

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Date: Thursday, 6. January 2011 16:13
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  1. 1

    my husband has this rash like in his hairline and on the back of his neck and down his back. Can this be from bedbugs? He travels a lot and stays at hotels around the country..
    he’s going to see a dermatologist on monday because of it. has had it for awhile now and it won’t go away.

  2. 2

    I have had a rash on my neck for 3 months. It is mostly concentrated on the right side and the rash seems to be in a line. I have been to the dermatologist four times, 3 different doctors. They prescribe cortizone cream, which makes it go away, but only to return after I stop using it. I have gone without the cream and it seems to get better and then it reappears. I am starting to suspect it might be some kind of mite or bed bug?

  3. 3

    Well, rash can be from anything.
    I do not want to jump to conclusions without really knowing where the rash came from.
    Although, I must say, your description of the rash does seem odd.
    However, it seems to be too long for a bed bug bite marks.

    If the dermatologist say one thing, I wouldn’t contest it.
    However, I do think that it will be wiser to do an inspection.
    If your husband has been bitten by bed bugs from hotels, there’s also chances that
    the infestation has reached to your home as well.

    I hope following articles can help.

    Detect Bed Bugs Traveling Locations
    Bed Bug Prevention
    Bed Bugs Questions and Answers

  4. 4

    It’s really hard to say what. I cannot argue against what doctors say.
    Do you have any bite marks? If it’s only rash you find, it’s really hard to say anything.
    It might be related to allergens like dust mites, or even bed bugs. However, it might also be
    number of other things like low humidity, dry skin, fabrics, etc.

    Bed Bugs bite marks can be also in a line as well. However, without really seeing it,
    I cannot make any conclusions.

    But then again, I always encourage people to do inspections when in doubt.
    If you don’t find anything after the inspection, we can be sure that you’re home is safe.
    Unfortunately, there’s really not a proven way to determine if one has dust mites or not.
    The only thing we are sure of is that, along with good ventilation, washing your linens often
    and keeping your environment clean helps to control dust mites tremendously.
    Same thing can be said of the bed bugs as well, although killing bed bugs is more difficult.

    I may be repeating myself, but I think going with a thorough inspection of your home will definitely help.
    And even if your home is safe, taking measures to prevent dust mite problems and / or bed bugs
    infestation is recommended.

  5. 5

    I just got back from Spain, I received 20+ bed bug bites, once i got home i washed all my clothes immediately and took a shower and changed into new clothes. The next morning i woke up … i recived 6 more bites on my body.. and two on my cheek.


  6. 6


    Wow that sounds so horrible!
    Bedbugs are most commonly spread through travelling and since you came back from Spain,
    it is safe to assume that your travels may be the cause of the infestation.
    It’s very important that you act quickly because bedbugs may reproduce once a week, up to a 100 eggs at a time.
    We would take any precautions.
    We recommend using Mother Earth dust
    around the perimeter in your room and into any cracks or crevices and also into the electrical plug outlets.
    We understand that you did go ahead and wash your clothing,
    but we also recommend that you thoroughly clean out your suitcase and apply Bedlam as well.
    You can also apply Bedlam on your bed
    and it is safe to come in contact with once the application is dry.
    We would also definitely recommend using an IGR, such as Gentrol IGR,
    which will prevent them from reproducing.
    Also, for precautionary measures, you can also consider encasing the mattress entirely.
    Good Luck!!

  7. 7

    i know i got bit by a bed bug because i found one in my shirt and i got bites on my shoulder and my arm. but the people i live with think im lieing cause one person in the house is allergic to them, highly allergic but he hasnt got bitten neither has any body in the house. they keep saying its probly a flea bite but its not, i used to have fleas to and the bite on my shoulder dosent look anything like flea bites and i showed my husband the bed bug off my shirt, but they still dont believe me. what should i do? they listen to me about the bed bug subject.

  8. 8


    OH NO! Just one thing, bedbugs are attracted to females!! If there is competition for the bedbug bites, they will generally host on females over the males. That may be why some of the other people have not been bit. Also, another thing is that bedbug bites occur during the night. If you are getting bit during the day, it may actually be fleas, but if you’re getting bit during the night, it’s likely that you are getting bit by bedbugs! Bedbugs have a very distinct, flat shape to them. They have a reddish brown color to them. You should wash your clothes in very hot water and if you keep getting bit then you should probably start by encasing your mattress and consider chemical treatment with something such as Bedlam (which will get rid of both bedbugs AND fleas!!) Good Luck!!

  9. 9

    We think that you should move or change your funiture, and treat your house (extreminator). Also never go back where you got them from. And i hope you get rid of them and Good Luck:)

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