Any ways to Avoid Bed Bugs?

How do we really avoid bed bugs? The answer is we don’t. Once our place is infested, then we need to scramble to use methods which will help eliminate bed bugs. Despite the continued claim that neither insecticides nor non – chemical methods could eliminate bed bugs, we at Pest Mall, have strong faith in the best two ways to eliminate bed bugs. The first way is to completely enclose a particular area or structure and introducing something that will kill the bed bugs. We believe that chemical control is the way to confine them and kill them on contact. Even in an apartment complex, by applying an insecticide like a dust product in the wall void, you can reduce the chances of becoming infested with bedbugs that have come from a neighboring apartment. Another sure – fire way to eliminate bed bugs is through whole – structure heating. If this is done properly, the deadly temperature will kill the bugs, too. Although, some concerned citizens might argue that if the bugs begin to feel the uncomfortable rise of the temperature, they might move to another location where they can deal with the temperature and thus survive. This is where we also endeavor to include the adjacent area or room, the ones beside it, below it and above it. Bed bugs are actually smart creatures. They do not dwell in one place. That is why, with whatever methods we use, whether it be tenting, fumigating, heating, freezing, or using pesticides, it is very important that we consider the surroundings of the house or area because it is common occurrence that if one area is infested with bed bugs, the surroundings are more likely infested, too.

Bed Bug Control

There is definitely a current alarm for homeowners nowadays when it comes to bed bugs. Currently, they are asking many Pest Management professionals for the most effective way to eliminate bed bugs. This must have something to do with their concern for themselves, their kids, their pets and their home in general.

Well, there is definitely no immediate answer to their question. There is no sure – fire way to end the lines of these uninvited guests in the home. All we, at Pest Mall, can advise as of the moment, is for homeowners to stay updated with the current trends and developments in the pest control business. We admit that eliminating the common bed bugs is a risky and difficult business, but this is one that we are willing to invest on.  At Pest Mall, we have several lines of insecticides which can help to somehow control the presence of these bugs. Some of these brands of products are Prime dust for voids, Phantom, Bedlam, Suspend, Temprid, Demand and Steri – Fab as liquid application. Let us also not forget liquid pyrethrum such as ExciteR and Kicker.

We also have non – chemical treatments like heating. This involves subjecting a particular area to a very high temperature that it kills bed bugs after the process. Another non – chemical treatment is freezing, which involves a process much like heating, but with the use of cold temperature.

Furthermore, you must consider encasing your mattress and box spring. Also, the newest addition to our bed bug control products will provide the most comfort for the homeowner as they are undergoing this treatment plan. Eco-Keeper’s bed bug tent has been manufactured to protect and to provide comfort from bed bug bites throughout the night.

Most of all, we recommend that you be cautious in every void, crevice, space, gap and hole that you see in your homes. They are probably hiding and breeding places of common bed bugs. Install monitoring devices and be sure to clean all places. That way, you can easily spot these bed bugs and can put on measures to eliminate them.

Date: Monday, 28. November 2011 10:07
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