Are Bed Bugs Vectors of Disease?

This is also one question that I need to clear out. Can bed bugs be considered vectors of certain diseases? I mean why not? Mosquitoes, fleas and roaches are capable of doing that, so what is the difference with bed bugs? This is something that many people ask us and are curious about.

Based on what I found out, I guessed that yes, it is a logical thing that all blood sucking insects could be carriers of diseases. We call them vectors and the viruses/ bacteria that they carry or pass along from one host to another are called pathogens. Well, most insects are considered as carriers of certain disease like malaria, yellow fever, dengue, plague, West Nile virus, encephalitis, hepatitis and even HIV and so many more.

The issue at hand, which concerns bed bugs, is obviously a new scare for the public nowadays. The fact that the bed bugs are everywhere and even present in our very homes have added to the level of fear in most of us.

I will try to put your hearts at ease regarding this topic. While it is true that most blood sucking insects are vectors of certain disease considered as health hazards in humans, you can be rest assured that bed bugs are not yet among those insects. Researchers have shown that although the bed bugs are indeed capable of feeding from an infected host, it doesn’t show that the bed bugs are capable of transferring the virus to another person. What actually happened was that the HIV virus stayed for a week or more inside the bed bug, but it didn’t replicate itself nor transferred itself to another victim. The scientists’ opinion was that somewhere along the process in the metabolism of the bed bug, the pathogen got lost. They even examined the excreted material from the bed bug to check if the virus was still active. The result was a zero trace of the pathogen. So now, you can breathe more lightly because the threat of an infection through bed bug is not possible, or at least the research does not show it.

You must, however, not rest until you get rid of the bed bugs in your homes, if you have any. Just because no transfer of disease is possible, doesn’t really mean you will just let these parasites feed on you or your family. Their bites are still capable of hurting and they can still trigger allergic reactions that may be more severe in some people than another.

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Date: Monday, 27. February 2012 14:41
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