Are There Repellents for Bed Bugs?

The bed bug alert level is rising these days. In the past years, only homes were infested and considered places where bed bugs love to live. These days, however, apartments, motels and hotels, theaters, stores, schools, dorms, hospitals and even buses and trains are susceptible to bed bug infestations. How did this happen?

Well, one thing is that bed bugs will be carried anywhere through clothes, fabrics, luggage and baggage. People are asking us for any product that can prevent bed bug infestations. But as of the moment, experts on bed bugs are coming up with definitive answers. But even expert researchers are unable to come up with a preventative measure for bed bugs.

So now, we are left with thinking some ways that would at least alleviate the problems on bed bugs. I personally want to see a sort of trap with attractants for bed bugs to be drawn to the trap. Unfortunately, none of the traps can guarantee 100% results of catching these bed bugs. Some of the answers could be insecticides like Suspend, Temprid, and Demand. Those products with pyrethrum also are good to use in eliminating bed bugs. The one drawback in using insecticides though, is that they are not recommended for direct application to luggage or clothes. Another is that they need to be applied in a strict timely manner until you are sure that they bed bugs are already gone. They may also pose a threat to plants, animals, pets, kids and even adults. Thus extreme care is needed if insecticides are to be applied.

Additional means of controlling bed bug infestations is the use of mattress and box spring encasements. At Pest Mall, we have passive bed bug traps that can be posted under the bed posts. These would ensure us that any bed bug which attempts to climb the bed in order to feast on its blood source will be detected and trapped. We also encourage that you treat your clothes and fabrics (especially those from your trips) to a hot laundry and hot dryer. This will ensure that whatever pest is carried in the trip is killed through the heat. After which, we recommend that you use our plastic bags in which you put all your clothes and fabrics so that they are not exposed to other fabrics which may be infected with bed bugs. The suitcases may be subjected to steam also so that any possibility of bed bug infestation is destroyed.

It is so true that controlling bed bug infestation is an exhausting thing to do. But it is something that must be done if we want to have a safe home for our family and ourselves.

Date: Tuesday, 29. November 2011 10:06
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