Be Cautious: Bed Bugs and Insecticides in Sensitive Locations

Let’s face it. Sometimes, there will be accounts or jobs that our judgments as professionals will be tested. One such example is treating a home with bed bugs and house pest infestation with tenants who are asthmatic. Asthma is a sensitive illness. It can be easily triggered by any abnormality and particles in the air. The common thought would be to not use insecticides because those with asthma will surely be affected. Surely, you wouldn’t want to treat a bed bug infestation and an asthma attack at the same time, do you?

Now, the truth is, there are many non-volatile insecticides that are safe for asthmatic people. Still, despite this improvement, the fact remains that a lot of people attribute asthma attacks to the insecticides whenever then are applied in a particular place with asthmatic.

At Pest Mall, we always encourage our colleagues in the business to be cautious in all plans and actions that they will take on when dealing with bed bugs and clients. This is especially emphasized when the clients have fragile health conditions like asthma and severe allergies. We, suggest that they consider non chemical methods first. This way, they can be assured that the actions are taken for elimination of bed bugs, yet no chemicals are released in the area. Some means include vacuuming, heating, freezing or steaming. Also the use of such devices of bed bug monitors and glue traps will help you determine how large or small the infestation is. Moreover, you can suggest or use the Eco Keeper Bed Bug Tent to protect yourself or your client from bed bugs at night.

If things don’t work out well with non chemical methods, then that will be the time that we believe PMPS should go into using insecticides. But we always recommend that a thorough talk and consultation will be conducted between the PMP and the tenants- especially the ones with asthma or sensitive clients. It is always advisable to let a doctor examine the insecticides used. He or she could approve or disapprove the pesticides. With these done, two things can happen: First, the asthmatic, not to mention his family and friends, can be rest assured that he is safe while the insecticides are being used; and second, the PMP will feel confident with what he is doing.

Again, we can emphasize caution in accounts like these. Law suits against PMP’s are now becoming family – as in all too common. Personal injury claims are becoming rampant, too. It is always best to have an integrated approach, to read the product labels before applying anything, and reviewing the MSDS label before applying any pesticide.

Date: Tuesday, 6. March 2012 15:10
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