5 Best Bed Bug Sprays to Use

Bed Bugs Spray

Bed Bugs Spray

Bed bugs are notorious creatures that cause nuisance all through the year. They easily get transferred through soft furnishings and love to dwell in the seams and folds of mattresses, cushions, bed covers, sheets, pillow cases, cushions and bolsters. In order to get rid of them, either one can call up a professional pest control agency or ‘exterminator’, or they can make use of the following 5 highly effective bed bug sprays.

Bed bug sprays are the most popular mode of bed bug control because they are easy to use and handy. Some of them are oil based and others are chemical based. Here is the list of sprays for bed bug for your reference.

  1. Bedlam bed bug insecticide spray encompasses of a special formulation which is why it is an instant bed bug killer.
  2. Broad spectrum label contact insecticide CB D-Force is good for directly killing and controlling household pests. It acts against ants, bedbugs and cockroaches.
  3. Pressurized aerosol spray Phantom is a ready to use formula of Phantom liquid insecticide.
  4. Alpine pressurized insecticide spray is also a widely used bed bug control insecticide.
  5. Steri-Fab disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes contaminated surfaces. It also acts as a bed bug terminator.

Hence, in order to control bed bugs indoors, homeowners can use these five professional grade insecticides. All of them and other merchandise such as bed bug glue traps can be ordered online on www.pestmall.com. In case the bed bug problem still persists, try contacting a local pest control agency.

Date: Tuesday, 6. May 2014 7:26
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