Bed Bugs in Multiple Occupancy Units

bedbug 011One of the challenges one can ultimately face in this business of dealing with the bed bugs is the fact that there are homes, places or apartments which do not only cater one family. Instead, they house several families. This is what we call as “multiple occupancy”.

Well, with one family, taking precautions and doing some things to eliminate bed bugs is not very difficult since the thing that you do first is to talk to the head of the family then plan out the best approach to the problem. After the talk, you can then obtain a go signal from the head of the family and proceed with the plan. Now, with more people in an area, there is the possibility that some occupants might not agree to the proposal. And the possibility of the more than usual clutter is also there. What do you do it this is the case then? Well, proceed to the usual protocol. Talk to the family members. Explain to them the situation and let them see the implications to the things that you will be doing soon. Make them see the extreme importance of their cooperation. This way, everything will be clear. If everyone agrees to the proposal, proceed to the plan. Start with examining the possible places where bed bugs might stay and lay eggs. Then subject the fabrics (beddings, clothes, etc.) to a portable steamer. For others, let them undergo a hot laundry and hot dryer. The occupants might want to stay out of the house for two weeks in order to let the treatment go underway. Tell them not to bring any clothes or fabrics that have not been subjected to a steam out of the house. Or else, they might bring out the bed bugs with them and start another infestation outside of their homes. Then you can proceed with putting in insecticides for better chances of eliminating these bed bugs.

If however, your clients and tenants do not agree to your proposal, then we believe you couldn’t force them and so you have to give the fight up all together. Just be sure to let them see the implications of their decisions. And be sure that you did your part in convincing them.

Date: Thursday, 8. December 2011 9:47
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